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This 23andMe deal is incredible value

Other DNA discounts on Ancestry, MyHeritage, LivingDNA and My Family Tree are also available

Thanks to writing Expert Reviews’ best DNA test roundup, I’ve tested a fair few of them and 23andMe is the most fully-featured around. Not only does it give you the general family history information, telling you roughly where your family migrated through the years, but it also gives an insight into genetic markers for possible health concerns.
These extra features come at a cost though, with the full test usually going for £149. But today only, Amazon is selling the full kit for £72.79 – a discount of 51%
Of course, you may well decide you don’t want to know the health secrets your DNA may or may not hold (as I explain in the full feature, highlighted health issues only present risk rather than certainty), and if you just want the ancestry-related things, you can get the basic 23andMe test for £54 direct from 23andMe – a saving of £25 on its regular price.
Personally, I’m not convinced this offers quite the same level of value if you’re not interested in the health-related stuff – simply because other DNA test-providers do the family tree side of things better, and all of them have early Christmas offers too. Ancestry, for example, is selling its DNA test for £63 at the moment, and that has by far the largest database, for a greater chance of finding long-lost family members. MyHeritage is available for £49, and if your family history is largely limited to the British Isles, then LivingDNA’s £79 sale is also worth exploring. For those really serious about genealogy, Family Tree DNA’s extensive menu of discounted tests is also worth getting your head around.
How they work and the relative merits of these are covered in my roundup, but one quick point here if you just want to buy quickly. You need to plan ahead if you want to share results between sites. While Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA and LivingDNA all let you export results, only the latter three let you import from elsewhere.
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