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Best moisturiser for men 2022: Top picks for dry, oily and sensitive skin


Upgrade your daily grooming regimen with the best moisturisers for all skin types

Everyone should moisturise. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to look after your skin. After all, it deserves a little attention considering what we tend to put it through, whether that’s exposure to the elements, the sweat and smog of city life, or the sharp edge of a razor when shaving each day.

Picking a moisturiser isn’t easy, though, with a baffling array of men’s options these days. The best moisturiser for you mostly depends on your skin type, but there are other factors and features to consider as well, including budget, because moisturisers can be unexpectedly pricey.

Below, you’ll find our top moisturiser picks for men, after which there’s the key information to consider when selecting your new skincare hero.

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Best moisturiser for men: At a glance

How to buy the best men's moisturiser for you

What is my skin type?

This is the key question when selecting your moisturiser. You can get a good idea of what your skin type is by taking a shower, then seeing how your face feels after an hour or so. If it’s tight and dry, then you probably have dry skin, while if it’s a little greasy, you probably have oily skin.

Dry skin benefits from a thicker moisturiser, while those with oily skin should use a lighter lotion to avoid exacerbating that oiliness and clogging their pores, which can lead to spots. You might also have combination skin, where it’s oily in the T-zone – your nose and forehead – and dry on the cheeks. You might need a combination of moisturisers as a result, or just get by with a light one.

Sensitive skin types might notice rashes and itchy, red patches crop up fairly frequently, in which case your best bet is a thicker moisturiser that avoids any ingredients that could antagonise your skin. It’s also worth avoiding heavily-perfumed lotions as a result.

If you don’t think your skin is especially dry, oily or sensitive, that’s good news: you probably have normal skin, in which case you can opt for pretty much any moisturiser you want.

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Can I get the same moisturiser for my face and body?

You can, and many men do, but generally you want a lighter, less-perfumed moisturiser for your face than your body, because the skin on your face is more sensitive. It also absorbs lotion more easily than the skin on your body, so a light face moisturiser might not be as effective if used on your body.

How much do I need to spend?

The price of moisturisers varies massively but you don’t need to spend big money to get an effective lotion, especially if you have normal skin. You can pick up great moisturisers for around £3 to £5 per 100ml, but if you have more specific needs for your skin the price can rise quickly to more like £10 to £20 per 100ml. You can of course spend a whole lot more than that if you like, but you certainly don’t need to to find a great product. Make sure to look at the price per 100ml when buying moisturiser, because the size of container they’re sold in varies as much as the price.

What other features should I look out for?

The odour of a moisturiser is obviously important and a matter of personal taste although, in general, men’s moisturisers don’t tend to have an overpowering scent. Some moisturisers will have cooling properties to soothe the skin, which makes them a treat to slather on after a shave or a hot workout (after you shower, of course).

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The best men’s moisturisers you can buy

1. Nivea Men Creme: The best value men’s moisturiser

Price: £6.50 (two-pack) | Buy now from Amazon

It’s a little bit greasy and takes a fair bit of time to sink in, but if you have normal skin and don’t feel like making a fuss about your moisturiser then there’s no need to look beyond this cream. It’s available practically everywhere at a good price, can be used on your face, hands and body, and it has a refreshing scent that quickly fades.

2. Bulldog Oil Control: The best men’s moisturiser for oily skin

Price: £6.39 (100ml) | Buy now from Boots

This moisturiser mattifies once applied to reduce the shine of your skin, making it ideal for those who worry about using a lotion on oily skin. Aside from the deliberately plain Bulldog Sensitive, all of the company’s moisturisers have appealing, dare-we-say manly scents, with the Oil Control lotion containing witch hazel, juniper and willow bark to benefit your nostrils alongside your skin.

Buy now from Boots

3. E45 Dermatological Moisturising Lotion: The best men’s moisturiser for sensitive skin

Price: £4.99 (500ml) | Buy now from Amazon

If sensitive skin means that you don’t get on with fragranced moisturisers and others that contain ingredients that cause flare-ups, your safest bet is to switch to E45. It’s fragrance-free and dermatologically tested to ensure it’s suitable for all kinds of skin, even on babies, and can be used to help manage conditions like eczema and psoriasis as well. It’s not quite as exciting as other moisturisers on this list, with their varied ingredients and appealing scents, but E45 is reliable, widely-available and great value for those who are managing sensitive skin.

4. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel: The best men’s face moisturiser

Price: £25 (75ml), £33 (125ml) | Buy now from John Lewis

The skin on your face is put through a lot. For starters, most men shave regularly, and although that doesn’t really affect the skin on your nose and forehead (unless your shaving style is very different from ours), those parts of the face are exposed to the elements all year round, which means cold wind and rain, and air pollution if you’re a city dweller. This non-oily lotion is designed to help reinvigorate your skin, with vitamins C and E thrown into the mix. Alongside chestnut extract and soy, these help your face recover from the effects of daily life.

Buy now from John Lewis

5. Malin + Goetz Rum Body Lotion: The best-smelling men’s moisturiser

Price: £30 (250ml) | Buy now from SpaceNK

This body lotion is absorbed quickly and is suitable for all types of skin, but that’s not the reason we’ve included it on this list. It makes the cut purely on the strength of its scent, which is perhaps surprising given that the idea of a rum body lotion might make you fear smelling like you’ve been out on the town the night before. Well, fear not: the rum and lime odour is light and an absolute treat, and slathering on a little of this lotion after your shower will bring a smile to your face every morning.

Buy now from SpaceNK

6. The Bluebeard’s Revenge Post-Shave Balm: The best post-shave moisturiser

Price: £15 (150ml) | Buy now from Amazon

Even if your skin is so good you never need bother with regularly moisturising your face and body, it’s still worth investing in a post-shave balm, because nothing sets the skin on fire quite like dragging a razor across it every day or two. The Bluebeard’s Revenge Post-Shave Balm contains a host of ingredients designed to reduce redness and general irritation after shaving, like witch hazel, aloe vera and chamomile, so if razor burn is blighting your mornings, pick up a tub and apply liberally to cool and hydrate your skin.

7. Noble Isle Fireside Body Lotion: The best body lotion

Price: £26 (250ml) | Buy now from Noble Isle

British brand Noble Isle specialises in creating products that have an uncanny knack of transporting you to some distant memory or place through the careful selection of their fragrances. This particular moisturiser, the Fireside Body Lotion, lives up to its name with a spicy, warming aroma that can take you, with just one sniff, from the stark white of your bathroom to the flickering fireplace of a homely country pub.

It deserves a spot in this list on the strength of that scent alone, but it would also be a top-notch body lotion even if it came odour-free. It has a fluid texture that allows it to sink into the skin quickly, yet leaves it feeling smooth for hours and hours after application. For the most immersive, aromatic experience, you could use this lotion straight after showering with the Fireside shower gel, before relaxing in a room with the Fireside candle burning.

Buy now from Noble Isle