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The 23andMe Health and Ancestry DNA test is now HALF PRICE for Prime members

23andMe’s Health and Ancestry service is one of the best DNA tests we've used - and now it's half price in the Prime Day sales

Right now, Amazon Prime members can take advantage of a 50% discount on the 23andMe DNA testing kit on Amazon. It’s Prime Day, and that means savings on everything, including complex health and ancestry testing products, apparently; if you’ve been itching to find out where you came from, and whether you’re at risk of inheriting any unfortunate predispositions (or even genetic illnesses), now is the time.

The 23andMe kit is now just £74, down from £149, but you’ll have to act fast: this Prime-member-exclusive offer expires on 14 October at midnight. Not an Amazon Prime member? Sign up to the free 30-day trial here and take advantage of all the Prime Day deals and offers.

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While many DNA-testing services focus purely on tracing the geographic origins of your ancestors, some go one step further. 23andMe does exactly that: in addition to helping trace your beginnings, it also seeks to uncover the genetic markers which might predispose you to suffering from or passing on certain health conditions and serious illnesses to future generations.

That might sound more daunting than simply finding out that you’re a bit more French than you expected, but if you can stomach the potential for bad news then 23andMe is one of the best all-round DNA tests on the market. As it tests for both autosomal, Y-DNA and mtDNA – something which isn’t the case for some rivals – it allows the tests to reach as far as 10,000 years into the past to trace your ancestry, and you can also export the results and upload them to other sites to help further analyse the findings, which is a big plus.

The range of medical conditions that the tests can detect is constantly expanding. Currently, the tests are able to detect more than ten health predispositions and whether you’re a carrier for more than 40 types of genetic syndrome or disease. On a much lighter note, the tests can also tell you whether you’re particularly attractive to mosquitos, struggle to detect bitter tastes or suffer from tone deafness amongst many other less concerning traits. It’s not all doom and gloom.

If you’re feeling a bit daunted about the whole process, then don’t be: it’s fair to say that 23andMe makes the whole thing as straightforward as you could hope for. Like most DNA tests, you simply have to muster up enough saliva to fill a vial, seal it up and mail it back to the 23andMe laboratory. Once done, you can expect your results in around three to five weeks.

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