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The best silk bonnets to buy in 2023

best silk bonnet

Wake up to silky-soft, tangle-free hair with one of the best silk bonnets to buy

Does your hair tangle or turn to frizz overnight? The best silk bonnets have been used to protect Afro hair from frizz and breakage for many generations; now turbans, wraps and bonnets of different styles are becoming popular with all hair types. A silk bonnet is a great way to care for hair as you sleep: the shape of the bonnet stops strands of hair from becoming tangled as they move around, while the silk fabric reduces friction against the pillowcase. Together, these two things help to prevent frizz, tangling, breakage and split ends.

A bonnet is also great for sealing in overnight hair treatments, so you wake up with extra-soft silky strands. If you spend good money on conditioning hair treatments, it makes sense to invest in a silk or satin bonnet to keep the conditioning hair product in place, while ensuring your hair doesn’t become ruffled overnight.

We’ve tried a range of silk bonnets to find the best for your hair type and budget. But before we get to our pick of the best silk bonnets to buy, read our guide to choosing the right silk bonnet for you.

Best silk bonnets: At a glance

How to choose the best silk bonnet for your hair

How do silk bonnets work?

Silk bonnets have been used to protect and care for hair – especially curly and coily hair – for many years, and the way in which they work is simple. First, the close shape of the bonnet prevents hair from moving around as you sleep, which stops strands wrapping around one another and becoming tangled. A bonnet is typically more comfortable to wear overnight than a hairband, which also stops hair moving around, but can pull on the scalp and damage hair if tied too tightly.

Second, the natural slipperiness of the silk fabric reduces friction, resulting in the hair suffering less drag. Instead of catching on a cotton pillowcase, your hair will glide over the surface of the silk, leaving the cuticle flat and therefore increasing shine. Finally, if you use an overnight moisturising treatment or leave-in conditioner on your hair, a bonnet will help keep the treatment on your hair rather than rubbing off into your pillow. Natural silk is a good material for regulating temperature, too, so a silk bonnet will be comfortable to wear overnight in all weathers.

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How do I choose the best-quality silk?

When shopping for a natural silk bonnet, look for the fabric weight measured in momme (pounds per hundred yards of fabric, pronounced “moe-mie” and often abbreviated to “mm”). This is similar to the thread count of cotton products. The higher the momme, the denser the fabric, and the better the results in general. Most silk bonnets are produced from fabrics weighing between 15 and 25 momme.

The best-quality natural silk is mulberry silk, which is made by the larvae (silkworms) of the Bombyx mori moth. These moths eat only mulberry leaves and spin a silk that has longer and finer threads than those of other silkworms, which results in a smoother and higher-quality silk.

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Higher-quality silk bonnets, made with a heavier momme mulberry silk will cost anywhere between £30 and £90. Lighter weight or lower-quality silk bonnets, or cases made from synthetic satin, will naturally cost less. Inexpensive synthetic satin weaves will also lock in a conditioning treatment and reduce friction overnight, but they’re less effective at temperature regulation so you may find a synthetic weave less comfortable to sleep in.

We’ve tested silk bonnets at a range of price points below, so you can find the one that best suits your needs and budget.

How do I care for my silk bonnet?

Silk is a delicate material and, if you want your bonnet to last a good long time, you’ll need to take care of it appropriately.

Silk is best hand-washed in cool water at no more than 30°C and left to dry naturally. Use a hand-washing liquid designed for silks and delicates. Do not tumble dry or bleach your silk bonnet, or iron it on a high heat; these processes can break down the surface, which will in turn make your bonnet less effective at reducing friction and preventing frizz.

How we test silk bonnets

At Expert Reviews, we know that the best way to test a product is to use it ourselves. As such, we test all the silk and satin bonnets we review below, using the bonnet overnight for one week with our Type 3 hair.

As well as noting how well the bonnet stays on overnight and whether or not it’s comfortable to sleep in, we consider any positive effects on the condition of hair including dryness, frizziness, matting or tangling, when used with or without an overnight treatment product. We also confirm the momme of the silk fabric used (or the fabric type if the bonnet uses a synthetic mix), and the range of colours available.

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The best silk bonnets you can buy in 2023

1. Silke London hair wrap: Best wrap for curly hair

Price: £50 | Buy now from Silke London

Wave bye-bye to bed hair with this luxurious-feeling, glamorous-looking silk hair bonnet from Silke London. Made from good-quality 22 momme mulberry silk, the vintage-style bonnet comes in 11 different colours to suit all styles and moods, and is perfect for reducing damage and breakage to curly and afro hair styles. Designed by hairdresser Maria Sotiriou with haircare in mind, the bonnet is easy to use: simply scoop up the hair into a bun or twist, and slide the cap over the top, tucking in any loose ends as you go. The bonnet can also be easily packed into hand luggage for travel.

Elasticated for a comfortable fit, Silke’s bonnet protects and conditions hair overnight and looks super-chic while doing it.

Key specs – Fabric: 100% silk; Fabric weight: 22 momme; Sizes available: One

Buy now from Silke London

2. Lilysilk Elegant Night Silk Bonnet: Best for long hair

Price: £30 | Buy now from Lilysilk

A traditional turban or bonnet is good for tucking in short to mid-length hair overnight. With longer hair, bundling up tresses into a small cap somewhat defeats the purpose of a bonnet, since it causes the hair to be wrapped around itself – which may lead to more tangles. The solution? A long-length sleep cap such as this one from Lilysilk, which allows your tresses to hang at their full length overnight while gently encasing them in a silk cocoon.

Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, and available in four pretty colours, this long-length cap is perfect for long and thick hair, and gives splendid Wee Willie Winkie-luxe vibes.

Key specs – Fabric: 100% silk; Fabric weight: 19 momme; Sizes available: One

Buy now from Lilysilk

3. Paradisefold Turban: Best turban-style bonnet

Price: from £50 | Buy now from Paradisefold

Paradisefold is a sustainable UK brand that pledges to uphold the highest environmental and labour standards, with a focus on wraps and folds made for haircare. The brand’s beautiful turban is available in eight colours, each double-lined for durability and reversible, too, so you have a choice of plain or patterned sides. In fact, this bonnet is chic enough for day and nighttime wear. As well as a range of colours, this pure-silk turban is also available in four sizes to suit differing hair lengths and density.

Paradisefold’s lifetime guarantee means you’ll need only one of these lovely items – although the gorgeous colour options mean you may want to buy several.

Key specs – Fabric: 100% silk; Fabric weight: 19 momme; Sizes available: Four (S, M, L, XL)

Buy now from Paradisefold

4. Silk and Lawn Luxury Silk Turban: Best for hair loss

Price: £90 | Buy now from Silk and Lawn

Silk and Lawn, formerly Tot Knots of Brighton, is a small company producing handmade hairbands, wraps and turbans in beautiful silk and cotton-lawn prints. The company’s turbans are ideal for those who have suffered hair loss due to alopecia, hormonal changes or medical treatments. They’re soft and gentle on the scalp, while helping to strengthen remaining hair and keep it in its best condition.

The turbans come in four sizes to fit the head comfortably without falling down or rubbing, and can be worn alone or over a wig, if your natural hair is in recovery – add more information about your current condition when ordering and Tot Knots will make a piece that’s just right for your needs. A silk-lined cotton lawn turban is also available at a lower price. If you or a loved one is suffering hair loss, we can’t think of a more stylish way to protect and care for the hair and scalp.

Key specs – Fabric: 100% silk; Fabric weight: 16 momme; Sizes available: Four (S, M, L, XL)

Buy now from Silk and Lawn

5. Holistic Silk Pure Mulberry Silk Turban: Best luxury bonnet

Price: £90 | Buy now from Holistic Silk

A wonderfully glamorous turban-style sleep bonnet in pure mulberry silk, Holistic Silk’s product is constructed with the glossy side of the silk satin on the inside of the bonnet to maximise the frizz-reducing and cuticle-sealing effects of the silk. The result is you’ll wake to soft and shiny hair in the morning – if you don’t decide to spend all day swanning around in your turban, Old-Hollywood style, that is.

The one-size turban is available in five elegant colours, and there’s a set of matching sleep masks to complete the look and ensure you get your best beauty sleep.

Key specs – Fabric: 100% silk; Fabric weight: 22 momme; Sizes available: One

Buy now from Holistic Silk

6. Grace Eleyae All Silk Turban: Best for afro textured hair

Price: $70/£72 (price includes international shipping) | Buy now from Grace Eleyae

Grace Eleyae’s pre-knotted turban in doubled-lined 100% silk is great for preventing frizz and breakage due to friction, particularly in delicate afro coils. To wear, simply pull the turban on from the back of the head and over to the front; it’s designed with adjustable string ties so you can fit the cap comfortably to your head and it won’t slip off overnight.

You have a choice of four vibrant colours, which will especially suit darker skin tones – our favourite is the Mustard Floral pattern. Suitable for all hair textures and most hair lengths, this is a simple-to-wear turban that looks great and will help your hair to do likewise.

Key specs – Fabric: 100% silk; Fabric weight: 19 momme; Sizes available: One

Buy now from Grace Eleyae

7. Yanibest Satin Lined Sleep Cap: Best beanie-style cap

Price: £26 | Buy now from Amazon

A turban can be an elegant choice, but if it’s not quite your style (especially for daytime wear) then this satin-lined beanie from Yanibest might be just up your street. The beanie hat is lined with glossy satin to protect hair from breakage and frizz, with a relaxed slouchy fit that makes it perfect for daytime outerwear. It’s also snug enough to stay on comfortably all night without slipping.

The cap is a great choice for bedtime wear in the winter if your bedroom is a bit chilly, and is gentle enough for wearers suffering from hair loss as a result of alopecia or medical treatments.

Key specs – Fabric: cotton/spandex outer shell with satin lining; Fabric weight: 22 momme; Sizes available: One

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