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Are electric toothbrushes waterproof teaser child washing there toothbrush under running water
Are electric toothbrushes waterproof?
Dental care

Discover if your electric toothbrush is safe to use in the shower and our pick of the best cheap, eco-friendly and travel options

How to use a water flosser
How to use a water flosser
Dental care

Water flossers are designed to keep teeth sparkling and gums healthy – here’s what you need to know about using them

A close up image of a smiling woman squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush
Should you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
Dental care

It can be a hotly contested debate, but we brush up on the pros and cons of cleaning your teeth before or after your morning meal

Dyson Airstrait review: Fast and effective straigtening
Hair care

I’ve tested the Dyson Airstrait and it’s an innovative, powerful hair straightener that lacks a few luxuries

£450 inc VAT
Is teeth whitening safe teaser woman looking at veneers
Is teeth whitening safe?
Dental care

Are teeth whitening treatments safe to use? We find out

How to stop receding gums - teaser. Woman's reflection as she inspects her teeth and gums in the mirror
How to stop receding gums
Dental care

Sensitivity becoming an issue? It could be the result of receding gums. We reveal the signs to look for and how to stop it in its tracks

Tongue scraper benefits teaser woman scrapping her tongue
Why you should clean your tongue
Dental care

Scraping your tongue every day improves your teeth, gums and general health – and it's even easier than brushing your teeth

What to do if your filling falls out - teaser. Woman's reflection in small mirror as she examines her teeth with pained expression
What to do if your filling falls out
Dental care

Suddenly discover a hole in a tooth where a filling used to be? Find out what you should do with our helpful guide

white toothpaste tube with mint leaves in green background - 10 clever uses for toothpaste
10 clever uses for toothpaste
Dental care

From fixing footwear to polishing metals, here are some unconventional ways to use that tube of white paste in your bathroom

The best hair thickening products you can buy from £3
Hair care

Add volume and fullness to fine, limp and flyaway hair with our pick of the best hair-thickening products