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Specsavers’ hearing aid prices: Our guide to the ranges and costs

Specsavers does more than just glasses – here’s our guide to Specsavers’ hearing aids and their prices

Specsavers’ hearing aid prices are some of the most competitive around. Its entry-level own-brand models start at just £495 and top out at £1,995: beyond this point, you’re looking at spending £2,295 – £2,495 on a third-party hearing aid from the likes of Phonak, Signia and Philips, so it makes a lot of sense to consider own-brand first.

There’s much more to like about Specsavers, too. The brand offers a huge amount by way of aftercare, and if you find a better pair of comparable hearing aids on the high street, Specsavers will refund you DOUBLE the price difference between its offering and your find.

To make your life simpler, this article breaks down the entire Specsavers hearing aid catalogue, listing prices and features and explaining the differences between the various tiers on offer. Read on for everything you need to know about Specsavers’ hearing aid prices.

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Specsavers’ hearing aid prices explained

Specsavers’ hearing aid prices: What you need to know

First, the basics. Whichever package you opt for, from entry-level Advance Star to top-of-the-range Advance Elite, Specsavers’ hearing aid prices will always include:

  • Two hearing aids
  • A hearing check
  • Aftercare
  • A choice of fitting styles
  • A 100-day money-back guarantee
  • A four-year warranty
  • Four years’ supply of batteries (this excludes rechargeable hearing aids, which come with a charger, so only really applies to the Advance Star package)
  • Pre-fitting wax removal voucher
  • Remote assistance (remote care and remote fine-tuning)

Specsavers deploys an out-of-five rating system for its own-brand hearing aids. Devices are rated on their sound quality (the lowest is ranked at a three, the highest at a five) and suitability for active lifestyles, small groups and larger social situations and crowds (the range here is larger, with the lowest ranking at a one and the highest at a five).

All of Specsavers’ own-brand hearing aids boast wireless connectivity and app connectivity and come in a range of styles and colours. All but the entry-level Advance Star hearing aids are rechargeable, meaning you don’t need to get the battery replaced as frequently and can simply pop them on charge overnight. Similarly, all models except Advance Star support mobile audio streaming.

Specsavers hearing aids prices: Own-brand models

Advance StarAdvance StandardAdvance PlusAdvance PremiumAdvance SuperAdvance Elite
Sound quality (/5)333345
Suitable for active lifestyles (/5)122345
Suitable for small groups (/5)122345
Suitable for social situations and crowds (/5)112345
Wireless connectivityYesYesYesYesYesYes
App connectivityYesYesYesYesYesYes
Range of styles and colours?YesYesYesYesYesYes
Mobile audio streamingNoYesYesYesYesYes

Specsavers’ hearing aid prices: Advance Star

Price: £495 | Check price at Specsavers

The most budget-friendly package Specsavers has on its roster is the Specsavers Advance Star bundle – a non-rechargeable hearing aid that rings in at a mere £495 for the whole package. This set has a respectable three-star rating (out of a potential five) for sound quality and offers wireless connectivity and app pairing. You can buy the Advance Star in a range of styles and colours, whether you’d like your device to blend in with your skin tone or opt for a loud-and-proud device – akin to Love Island star Tasha Ghouri’s vibrant cochlear implants. If you’re looking for a hearing aid package that won’t break the bank, this entry-level bundle is well worth considering.

Specsavers doesn’t ratchet up prices according to the intensity of hearing loss, but rather the presence and multiplicity of features. So if you’re happy with a pared back and straightforwardly kitted out hearing aid, the Advance Star might be just the ticket for you.

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Specsavers hearing aid prices: Advance Standard

Price: £995 | Check price at Specsavers

If you’re looking for a slightly higher-spec hearing aid package, the Advanced Standard from Specsavers turns the features up a notch, with a fully rechargeable battery and mobile audio streaming functionality. Its ratings are also elevated an extra “star” from its entry-level sibling, the Advance Star, with higher rankings for users with active lifestyles and those wanting to use the hearing aid in small groups. Like its younger sibling, it comes in a range of colours and styles depending on your preference and supports wireless and app connectivity.

You can crank up the specification further by opting instead for the Specsavers Advance Plus package (£1,195) which offers ratcheted up rankings for suitability in larger social situations and crowds, or go for the Specsavers Advance Premium bundle (£1,495), which has minimum three stars out of five across the board of categories (sound quality, suitability for active lifestyles, small groups and large crowds).

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Specsavers hearing aid prices: Advance Super

Price: £1,795 | Check price at Specsavers

When it comes to full-suite functionality, runner-up goes to Specsavers’ Advance Super package, which scores four stars out of five across the board. This rechargeable model isn’t cheap at £1,795, but boasts mobile and app connectivity and mobile audio streaming, scoring highly for those with active, social and more reclusive lifestyles alike.

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Specsavers hearing aid prices: Advance Elite

Price: £1,995 | Check price at Specsavers

If you’re looking for the gold standard of hearing aids, Specsavers Advance Elite bundle, at £1,995, is the whole package. The retailer gives the Advance Elite five stars in every category, outweighing offerings from well-known brands such as Philips’ 5040-R (which gets straight three stars and a costs a hefty £2,395) and the Signia Active Pro (which rivals the Advance Elite with its five-star ratings but costs a considerably higher £2,795).

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