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Specsavers hearing aid offers: The best prices on invisible hearing aids and device bundles

Specsavers hearing aid offers - lead

We round up the best Specsavers hearing deals, including offers on rechargeable hearing aids and TV streamers

With prices starting at under £500 for a pair of digital hearing aids, plus free aftercare and remote repair, Specsavers already presents excellent value for products and services to help with hearing loss. But the value gets even better with Specsavers’ hearing aid offers, if you know where to find them.

Specsavers links to current deals on its own-brand hearing aids, plus aids from top brands Phonak, Signia and Philips, from the Hearing section of its Offers page. The headline offer guarantees to repay you double the difference if you find the same pair of hearing aids for a lower price elsewhere, and other offers include new invisible hearing aids from £495, rechargeable hearing aids from £995, and various hearing bundles.

Unfortunately, the Offers page does tend to lead you off on tangents, and it’s not easy to find actual prices until you reach the all-important Specsavers hearing aid table. In this article, we’ll round up the best offers on Specsavers hearing aids, accessories and bundles, and set out exactly what’s included and what you stand to pay.

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What is Specsavers’ hearing aid price guarantee?

Specsavers’ Best Value Guarantee promises to repay you “double the difference” if you find “a comparable pair of hearing aids” for a lower price elsewhere. 

What’s the catch? Well, the offer only applies to original valid written quotes from branch-based retailers and not online-only retailers, so cheap hearing aids from the likes of Hearing Direct won’t be eligible. However, it does still mean that if you can get a written quote for hearing aids at your local high-street audiologist for, say, £50 less than what the same aids cost you at Specsavers, you could collect £100 for your trouble.

The best Specsavers hearing aid offers

1. Specsavers Advance Star invisible hearing aids

Price: From £495/pair

Specsavers hearing aid offers - invisible

Invisible hearing aids, which fit so deep inside your ear canal that other people can’t see them, usually cost more than larger aids of comparable power. But at Specsavers, you don’t pay different prices for different sizes; instead, you pay different prices for different power levels.

Specsavers charges £495 per pair for all sizes of its basic Specsavers Advance Star hearing aid. So this price is the same whether you choose invisible (also known as completely-in-canal, or CIC) hearing aids, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, or in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids, and that way you don’t have to choose between affordability and discretion.

As you might expect, particularly at such a low price level, the Advance Star doesn’t offer much in terms of power or functionality, and there’s no rechargeable option either, but, as with all Specsavers hearing aids, the price includes a full hearing check, free aftercare, four years’ supply of batteries, and a 100-day money-back guarantee.

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2. Specsavers TV Streamer in TV Bundle

Price: £180 (normally £229)

Specsavers hearing aid offers - TV streamer

Specsavers’ TV Bundle includes any Specsavers Advance hearing aid, plus the Specsavers TV Streamer, and then knocks £49 off the price of the streamer.

This is excellent value for a bundle that can potentially give you back your ability to enjoy TV shows and films, plus music, podcasts, radio, or any other media you stream through a smart TV.

The Specsavers TV Streamer works by directly and wirelessly streaming enhanced sound from the TV to the hearing aids. So long as there’s nothing in the way to block the signal, it can work over an impressive 7 metres (23ft). It also allows you to turn up the volume, or tweak audio settings, via your hearing aid – for you and you alone, while anyone else in the room continues to experience the original un-enhanced volume.

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3. Specsavers Wireless Microphone in Social Bundle

Price: £200 (normally £249)

Specsavers hearing aid offers - wireless microphone

Specsavers’ Social Bundle works similarly to the TV Bundle: buy any Specsavers Advance hearing aid and you can bundle in an additional device with £49 off.

In the Social Bundle, the extra device is the Specsavers Wireless Microphone. This will help you to hear people in social groups and crowded places by streaming their voice directly to your hearing aids while minimising other noise – simply clip the mic onto the person you want to hear better and use the controls to reduce or block other sounds. Specsavers claims this magical digital walkie-talkie works over a hefty 25 metres (80ft), but there’d have to not be many other people in the way to get that full range.

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4. Specsavers Advance Standard rechargeable hearing aids

Price: £995/pair

Specsavers hearing aid offers - rechargeable hearing aids

The rechargeable Advance Standard hearing aid isn’t a special offer from Specsavers, but it is included on the Hearing Offers page and is worth highlighting as it’s one of the best-value rechargeable hearing aids you can buy.

The Specsavers Advance Standard isn’t powerful enough to cope with noisy crowds, but does include mobile streaming, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, rechargeability as standard, and slightly more audio power than the budget Specsavers Advance Star. Again, it comes in any size, from BTE down to invisible healing aid, at the same price.

Though you can opt for a non-rechargeable version for £100 less, if you’d like to push the price even lower, the rechargeable version will potentially save you that much in battery costs over the years.

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5. Specsavers Advance Elite custom rechargeable hearing aids

Price: £2,095/pair

Specsavers hearing aid offers - Advance Elite BTE

This custom rechargeable version of the Advance Elite sits right at the top of Specsavers’ own-brand range and bags the full five stars for its sound quality, even in crowds and social groups. These aids are actually made by Phonak and Siemens, whose branded hearing aids often cost around twice as much for comparable features. So, at just over £1,000 each for some of the best hearing aids you can buy, this is a superb offer.

If you have particularly high-drain needs and you’d like the aids to last as long as possible before they run flat, then you can get the non-rechargeable version for £1,995/pair.

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