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Best stove fan 2024

Save fuel and heat your home more evenly and efficiently with these cleverly designed stove fans

The best stove fans are a great way to improve the circulation of the heat produced by your wood burner. These clever little fans are powered by the heat from your stove and help circulate the hot air into the room before it rises to the ceiling. This efficient distribution of air can reduce hot and cold spots as well as potentially lead to a reduction in the amount of wood you need to burn to achieve that warm, toasty feel.

If you’re looking for the best stove fans to buy, you probably already own a wood-burning stove – but if not, they’re well worth considering. Wood burners look great in modern fireplaces and traditional homes alike and are a coveted interior design feature, but they also offer a safer way to enjoy a fire in your home, thanks to the door that keeps the fire contained. Furthermore, as our heating bills rise and we consider turning down thermostats, those of us who have a wood-burning stove will be looking to maximise the efficiency of this wholesome home heater.

On this page, you will find our pick of the best stove fans to efficiently heat your home using a wood-burning stove. We’ve also put together a comprehensive buying guide to answer any burning (sorry) questions you might have.

Best stove fan: At a glance

How to choose the best stove fan for you

Is size important?

Yes, size is important, if your wood burner is set within a fireplace, check how much free space you have between the top of the wood burner and the fireplace above. If this space is restricted, you will need to pay particular attention to the height of the fan.

Second, if you have a very large room, consider buying a bigger fan to ensure it’s capable of circulating enough air around your room. Some – but not all – fans list airflow in cubic feet per minute (CFM), so in this case look for fans with a higher CFM figure.

Where do I place the stove fan?

Most stove fans are designed to sit directly on top of the wood burner, but they shouldn’t be placed too close to the flue pipe – unless of course you buy a flue pipe fan, which are specifically designed to be fitted to the flue pipe and are particularly useful if your wood burner doesn’t have a suitable flat top for a standard fan.

Do stove fans need batteries?

In short, no. While they do have motors, stove fans are designed in such a way that they are powered by the heat from the stove. This means that the fan will begin to turn as the stove heats up and will stop turning when the stove cools down. So once you’ve placed it on top of your stove, there’s really nothing else you need to do; it will start and stop automatically.

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Are stove fans noisy?

Stove fans shouldn’t be noisy. Good-quality fans are designed for quiet operation and shouldn’t be heard over the noise of the stove. Over time, fans can pick up dust and debris, so it’s important to keep them clean, otherwise this could affect the operation and thus create more noise than usual.

Why do stove fans give an optimum temperature for operation?

Stove fans will not begin to turn until the stove hits a minimum temperature and this exact temperature varies between fans. Similarly, most have a maximum temperature, above which the motor could overheat and become damaged. So if you’re unsure about the temperature your stove usually burns at, it’s worth buying a stove thermometer. These small magnetic thermometers will not only tell you the maximum temperature your stove typically reaches, but also help you to monitor the temperature and learn how to keep it burning at optimum temperatures for fuel efficiency.

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The best stove fans to buy in 2024

1. Valiant Two Blade Stove Fan: Best budget stove fan

Price: £40 | Buy now from The Stove YardThis is a well-priced stove fan from a trusted brand and it’s the perfect choice if you’re considering a stove fan but don’t want to spend lots of money until you know whether it makes any difference to the heat in your room.

Unlike some of the more expensive fans, the blades won’t start turning until the stove top reaches 100°C, but the maximum temperature is comparable to the pricier fans at an ample 340°C. It’s a well-built two blade fan that’s a good size and will be capable of distributing heat through most medium -ized rooms. And the unfussy design coupled with the satin black finish is a look that will be at home atop most wood burners.

Key specs – Operating temperature: 100–340°C; Height: 23cm

Buy now from The Stove Yard

2. Skaats Premium Stove Top Fan: Best-looking stove fan

Price: £150 | Buy now from SkaatsDesign lovers rejoice, this truly is the best-looking stove fan you can buy. It’s available in six muted contemporary colours and has a robust round steel construction with a trendy leather handle on top. It is, however, the most expensive fan in this roundup, which might put it out of reach if you’re on a budget.

It’s not all style over substance, though: this fan has a brilliantly safe design compared to the majority of fans with their exposed metal blades, and features silicone blades that are housed safely within the main body. It’s also a compact fan yet, for its size, is efficient and features a unique convection chamber that helps recover wasted heat from your stove so that it can be distributed throughout the room.

Key specs – Operating temperature: 80–340°C; Height: 17.5cm; Airflow: 190CFM

3. Valiant Vanquish 250: Best stove fan for large rooms

Price: £70 | Buy now from ValiantThis is Valliant’s top performing stove fan, which the company claims pushes 90% more airflow than other designs, and at 25cm tall it’s the largest fan on this list. But despite its size, the blades are noticeably thinner than those you will see on other fans. And it’s this aerodynamic design that makes them so effective, which, coupled with the larger size, makes it particularly suited to big rooms.

It’s not a cheap option, but if you’re struggling with hot or cold spots, this powerful fan will help distribute the heat effectively and could make all the difference to how you use and enjoy your wood burner.

Key specs – Operating temperature: 80–340°C; Height: 25cm

4. Vonhaus 4 Blade Stove Fan with Temperature Gauge: Best stove fan with temperature gauge under £45

Price: £43 | Buy now from VonhausThis budget-friendly fan from Vonhaus offers a temperature gauge bundled in, making it a great package deal for those who are new to having a wood-burning stove. With the temperature gauge, you can ensure you’re running the log burner at the most efficient burning temperature, which is something that can take a bit of getting used to if you’re a newbie.

Burning logs at the correct temperature results in reduced build-up inside the flue, less smoke and ensures you get the maximum output from the fuel you’re putting in, so a thermometer can be a useful tool in getting to know your stove.

The fan will start to disperse the heat from your stove as soon as it reaches 50°C, making the most of the heat from soon after you light it, and in combination with the temperature gauge you will really be able to maximise efficiency.

Key specs – Operating temperature: Starts at 50°C; Height: 20.4cm; Airflow: 180CFM

Buy now from Vonhaus

5. Valiant Remora Magnetic Flue Pipe Heat Powered Stove Fan: Best flue pipe stove fan

Price: £65 | Buy now from AmazonNot all wood burners have a flat top that’s suitable for a traditional fan, and in this case a flue pipe fan might be your best option. This one features a magnetic clamp to attach it to your flue, and once in position the fan works in much the same way as the freestanding variety, powered by the heat from your stove.

It’s compatible with 4in to 7in flues, although some reviewers report that the magnets are less effective at keeping it in position on shiny, glossy flue surfaces, so it’s not suitable for all stoves. It won’t attach to stainless steel or double walled flues, so it’s worth using a magnet to check your flue before purchasing.

Key specs – Operating temperature: 50–400°C; Height: 20cm

6. UK Stove Fans T84: Best eight blade stove fan

Price: £90 | Buy now from Robert DyasIt’s not tall, but this eight blade fan certainly is mighty. If you don’t have much clearance above your stove, this 13.5cm fan might be the one for you. It makes use of twin four blade fans side by side to make sure that it can effectively circulate the hot air from your stove into the room, despite being relatively compact in size.

UK Stove Fans claim it can increase the efficiency of a stove by up to 33%, which could help you extend the time between log deliveries. Reviewers comment on the quiet operation and efficiency of the fan, but at almost £90 it doesn’t come cheap.

Key specs – Operating temperature: 50 – 300°C; Height: 13.5cm

Buy now from Robert Dyas

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