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Hisense showcases its high-end appliance lineup for 2024 at IFA

Things are heating up and cooling right back down this IFA at Hisense – here’s a look at its latest cooking, cooling and laundry launches

Hisense has unveiled its latest line of household appliances at IFA, championing its elegant all-black BlackLine range. With ease, energy efficiency, and quality at the forefront of their design, the new range marks a strong move into the high-end appliance market.

This year’s lineup includes smart fridges that can write up your shopping list and keep track of how fresh your food is, as well as app-connected ovens, washers and tumble dryers. We had the chance to get hands-on with some of Hisense’s new appliances at this year’s IFA. While there wasn’t enough time to churn out a fresh load of laundry or cook up a major storm, we got a great feel for the build quality of the appliances, as well as how simple the user interface was across the board.

If you’re curious about what new technology you can hope to see in the future, here’s a sneak peek at next year’s releases from the brand.

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Cooling: Hisense Pureflat Smart Series

Hisense is the number one brand of fridges and freezers in China and for its release in the UK, it has focused on improving energy efficiency and championing its food preservation technology. In the coming months, Hisense will release an A-rated fridge, which is a huge bonus for those hoping to cut down their energy bills.

Hisense new fridges have a wide array of food preservation add-ons that claim to keep produce fresh for longer. The fridges include a “multi-air flow” system that provides a more consistent temperature throughout the fridge, as well as a “total no frost” feature that supposedly puts an end to having to defrost your freezer every year. In some fridges, the fruit and veg drawers include a moisture-fresh crisper, which helps maintain the optimal humidity for keeping veg fresh. My Fresh Choice is a handy feature that, in larger fridge freezers, allows various sections to be converted between being a fridge and a freezer. The conversion takes 4 hours and with advanced planning and foresight before a big shop, it’s a handy option to have.

The brand’s focus for 2024 is its Pureflat Smart Series fridges, which come equipped with touch screens that can write up shopping lists, help track product freshness and inventory, as well as suggest recipes to cook. These features will also be available to use on your phone.

Alongside these premium features, the new fridges will contain all of Hisense’s best food preservation technology, as well as some extra touches to achieve a premium feel. For example, the darker interior features soft LED lighting from multiple areas in the fridge, and has cantilever shelves and metal glide drawers to make your fridge as flexible and comfortable to use as possible.

Laundry: Hisense 7S Series

If you’re on the hunt for a big washing machine, Hisense is the market leader in 12kg machines. That means the washers and dryers are a great option for big families. The brand’s washing machines offer good energy efficiency and quietness, although we didn’t get to hear them in action.

The inclusion of an automatic drum clean option, as well as pause and add and a quick wash function, means these are ideal for busy households. If you have allergies, you’ll appreciate that the washers are both Intertek and SGS accredited. The allergy steam function occurs at both the beginning and end of a cycle and helps to get rid of any nasties, with a claimed 99.9% sterilisation rate.Hisense’s latest laundry innovation comes in the form of the Hisense 7S series, which should be available to buy in late 2023. These washers and dryers have a touch screen visual display, which has a huge range of options for washing your clothes based on fabric type. It claims to harness the power of AI, tech’s favourite buzzword, to give your laundry a completely personalised wash.

The “AI” takes into account wash load, fabric type, water turbidity and hardness, temperature, water level, and detergent type, to determine how best to wash your clothes. Thankfully, the dryer uses Hisense’s auto-dosing features for detergent and fabric softener, so the wash quality won’t be compromised by human error. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the washer can use WiFi to connect with your phone and uses WashDry sync to communicate with the matching tumble dryer so you’ll only have to set the machine once.

We haven’t had a chance to test how effective this “AI” is, compared to a standard washing machine yet, but the technology seems impressive on paper. We’ll have to wait a little longer before we can conduct some side-by-side tests.

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Cooking: Hisense Hi8 BlackLine range

Modern cooking appliances come with heaps of settings for cooking specific foods, but Hisense claims that people rarely use them. This is why its latest ovens focus on making these specialist features easier to use.

For 2024, the brand is developing the Hi8 BlackLine range, which aims to be a super-premium option and a step up from its 2023 BlackLine range. The new styles feature an all-black look and will include thinner handles, a flush user interface with TFT touchscreen controls, new automatic cooking programs, and pyro-proof telescopic guides to simplify cleaning. Hisense claims the oven’s “steam add plus” function will also be improved.

Aside from one exception, every Hisense oven has a generous 77L capacity, soft close doors and an oven cavity that has been designed specifically for achieving an even bake. The ovens also come with a five minute 200°C preheat function, which is blisteringly fast. The main specialist features Hisense ovens offer are pizza mode, in which the base of the oven heats to 300 degrees to give you the perfect crispy base and an air fry programme.If you’re on the hunt for convenience, you’ll be pleased to learn that the latest Hisense ovens utilise WiFi to connect your oven to an app. This app lets you monitor your cooking progress, preheat the oven and transfer recipes into the oven remotely, to make baking almost automatic. Having this at your fingertips, without needing to leave the sofa, could be a huge bonus for those looking to expand their smart home ecosystem.

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