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The best integrated dishwashers for your kitchen in 2021

Derek Adams
23 Nov 2021

Want a dishwasher that blends in with the kitchen? Learn how to choose the best integrated dishwasher for you

Thank heavens for the humble dishwasher. Without it we’d be up to our elbows in soap suds, splashing water all over the floor and scrubbing away with a scourer. And just when you think it’s all over and you can get back to the television, you have to dry it all by hand with a smelly dishcloth full of germs and goodness knows what else.

There’s no question: if you can afford it and have 60cm of space among your kitchen cabinets, a dishwasher is one of the greatest labour-saving household gadgets ever invented. But which type to get? Do you go for a freestanding model that simply slides in between the kitchen cabinets or an integrated model that remains hidden from view until you need it?

If you’re set on getting yourself a freestander, hop over to our freestanding dishwashers guide. But if you’re looking to keep your kitchen clutter-free and aesthetically spot-on, an integrated machine is the way to go. Luckily, we’ve created this handy shortlist of the best integrated dishwashers on the market, featuring everything from sub-£500 budget models to the best that money can buy.

The best integrated dishwashers still in stock

Integrated dishwashers are selling out extremely quickly across all major retailers at the moment, meaning some of our top picks further down the page may not be available to buy. To stay on top of things, we've decided to give you a quick list of the best integrated dishwashers that are in stock.

How to choose the integrated dishwasher for you

What is an integrated dishwasher?

The majority of dishwashers are of the freestanding variety. These machines can be installed pretty much anywhere as long as there is a 60cm gap (45cm if it’s a slimline model) between the kitchen cabinets and there’s a water supply and drainage in the vicinity. The kitchen sink area is usually the most suitable location. Freestanding models usually come with full white fascias and are very easily slid into position. They’re also usually cheaper to buy.

Integrated models come in two styles: fully-integrated and semi-integrated. These machines are designed to fit flush with your existing kitchen units and be hidden from view behind a panel that perfectly matches the rest of your kitchen’s cabinets. Hence, the majority of models arrive with no front panel attached.

However, integrated models do have a drawback or two. The first is that, because the machine is installed among the kitchen units, chances are you’ll need to leave it behind if you move. We’ll get to the second in a minute.

What’s the difference between fully and semi-integrated?

Fully integrated machines are completely hidden from view behind a kitchen panel so that everything, including the control interface and LED panel, is concealed. With some machines, this can cause a small inconvenience as there’s no way of knowing how much longer a cycle has to run or even if the machine is on. Thankfully, many modern dishwashers now come equipped with LEDs that transmit a beam of light onto the floor to let the user know when the machine is on.

Another problem with fully integrated machines is that the control panel needs to fit on a very slim profile, which means stripping down the interface to its bare essentials, often with just a row of confusing icons to baffle the owner.

Semi-integrated dishwashers don’t have this issue because their front control panels are still in full view. To all intents and purposes, a semi-integrated machine is very similar to a freestanding model, only the fascia below its control panel is of the same material and colour as the kitchen cabinets and not white enamel. If you want an easier-to-grasp interface or you’re happy to break up the aesthetic lines of your kitchen with a bit of visible tech, a semi-integrated model is for you.

What do the energy rating labels mean?

The energy rating label gives you an indication of each machine’s annual running costs. As of 21 March 2021, a new rating system is in place. The previous system used the letters A to D followed by up to three plus signs, but the new system does away with the plus signs and rates  appliances on a simpler A to G scale. As before, the A-rated appliances are the cheapest to run. 

A quick glance over the energy rating label also reveals other key tidbits of information. In the case of dishwashers, you'll find the maximum number of place settings, the amount of water used per wash and the claimed noise level during operation. Noise levels are provided in two measurements: an A-to-D rating, and the exact loudness in decibels. Even if you aren't up with your dBs, it's easy to tell which machines are quietest. 

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Cutlery basket or cutlery tray?

Most budget dishwashers use a basket on the bottom rack for cutlery storage, which can get in the way if you have large pots and pans to wash. The more expensive models give you a range of positioning options, so you can fit it around other items, while the cheaper ones tend to have a fixed basket position.

Baskets are easiest to load but, because the cutlery is crowded into small spaces, some knives and forks might not receive as good a wash. Also, since you’re encouraged to load cutlery handle side down, there’s more chance of stabbing yourself with an upturned knife. Ouch!

High-end machines, by contrast, often feature a top-mounted slide-out cutlery tray instead of a basket. This is quite a lot slower to load, as every knife, fork and spoon needs to be correctly positioned. However, it’s much more space-efficient and gives the cutlery a more thorough wash. Cutlery trays also prevent rust spots from developing when two different metals come into contact with each other during the washing cycle.

The best integrated dishwashers to buy

1. Bosch Serie 2 SGV2ITX18G: An affordable integrated dishwasher

Price: £449 | Buy now from Argos

STOCK CHECK: Back in stock at Argos for a very reasonable £429, but this model is selling out quickly. Beware some retailers trying to take advantage by hiking the price - if it's out of stock, our advice is to be patient and sign up for stock alerts at the likes of Currys, John Lewis and

You certainly get a lot of posh-sounding features with the Bosch's entry level Serie 2 models, including ActiveWater tech that boosts cleaning efficiency, a red InfoLight that shines on the floor to let you know the dishwasher is on (and turns off when it's finished), and EcoSilence Drive, which aims to keep motor noise to a minimum. 

The controls are easy to get to grips with and you can take your pick from 4 programmes: Eco 50°C, Auto 45-65°C, Intensive 70°C and Express 65°. The Extra Dry setting boosts the drying phase for when you absolutely don't want to be wiping off drips, the half load does what it says on the tin, and SpeedPerfect reduces the programme duration for when you haven't got time to hang around. The Machine Care programme, meanwhile, does its bit to keep the machine hygienic and bacteria-free. 

There's nothing fancy in the way of adjustability - you can only adjust the upper baskets - but the Bosch still swallows a generous 12 place settings without any hassle. There's a traditional cutlery basket too, so it's possible to remove that and fill the dishwasher with big grimey pots and pans after you've cooked up a storm. 

Finally, Bosch's AquaStop feature also gives you a lifetime guarantee against water damage in the case of a fault in the water supply - which is a nice reassurance to have. 

Key specs – Type: Fully integrated; Place settings: 12; Rated efficiency: E; Wine glass support: Yes; Quick wash: Yes; Cutlery tray/basket: Basket; Adjustable basket: Yes, upper only

Buy now from Argos

2. Bosch Serie 4 SGV4HCX40G: A quiet, capable integrated dishwasher for under £700

Price: £629 | Buy now from John Lewis

This Serie 4 model takes everything that's good about Bosch's Serie 2 range, turbocharges the performance and adds a range of handy features to get your dishes sparkling. It's quieter, too, thanks to the SilencePlus design which makes it measurably quieter than its cheaper Serie 2 sibling - in fact, there's even a special Silence programme for whisper-quiet cleaning. 

You get 5 main wash programmes to choose from: Eco 50°C, Auto 45-65°C , Intensive 70°C, Express 65°, Silence 50°C and you can combine these with the Extra Dry, Half Load and SpeedPerfect+ options. Once you've settled on your go-to combination, you can set it as the Favourite programme and set it going with one button-press. As usual, the Machine Care programme takes care of keeping the machine hygienic and bacteria free.

The VarioDrawer design adds a welcome boost to adjustability, with a drawer at the top of the machine swallowing cutlery, utensils and smaller crockery and boosting the rated capacity to 14 place settings. Both the lower and upper baskets have cup shelves and are adjustable, too, with the VarioDrawer design making it easier to accommodate stacks of plates and glasses in addition to awkward cookware. Usefully, you can even adjust the upper basket while it's loaded - some rival designs only allow you to do this while it's empty.  

If you want great cleaning with a minimum of noise, the Serie 4 is a great option.

Key specs – Type: Fully integrated; Place settings: 14; Rated efficiency: D; Wine glass support: Yes; Quick wash: Yes; Cutlery tray/basket: Tray; Adjustable basket: Yes, upper and lower

Buy now from John Lewis

3. Beko DIN29X20: The best entry-level integrated dishwasher

Price: £419 | Buy now from Currys

This Turkish model is a smart buy. The Beko is equipped with a very decent tech medley, including a quiet, energy-efficient, brushless motor, a filter that cleans itself using a built-in spray and an LED spotlight that projects onto the floor to let you know it’s on. However, it’s the double spray arm in the base of the unit that impresses the most: this model comes with both a standard spray arm and a circular satellite arm that spins independently to spritz a powerful stream of water into the pots, pans and plates above.

The flexibility of the top cutlery drawer is another major plus. For instance, it can slide inwards from either side to create more space in the basket below for tall-stalk champagne glasses, or even lowered to accommodate small crockery items such as espresso cups. The machine also comes with an extra removable basket for four wine glasses or some extra cutlery. The Beko has enough space for 14 place settings and comes with nine main wash and dry programmes, including Eco (3hrs 40mins), Quick&Shine (58 minutes), a 70˚C intensive wash and a nippy 35˚C half-hour cycle for lightly-soiled contents.

This one packs a lot of punch but some owners have pointed out that it doesn’t dry especially well. Others have only good things to say about the flexibility of its interior, ease of installation and – of course – the attractive price.

Key specs – Type: Fully integrated; Place settings: 14; Rated efficiency: D; Wine glass support: Yes; Quick wash: Yes; Cutlery tray/basket: Both; Adjustable basket: Yes

Buy now from Currys

4. Miele G7160 SC: The best high end fully-integrated dishwasher 

Price: £1,349 | Buy now from John Lewis

With a bigger budget at your disposal, Miele's high end integrated dishwashers are a tempting option. Equipped with a luxurious-sounding range of marketing buzzwords and the kind of whisper quiet dish scrubbing performance which lesser machines can only dream of, the G7160SC is a premium dishwasher tour de force. Handily, it comes in both standard and XXL-sized versions, so it's suitable for both traditional height worktops and the slightly taller modern kitchen installations. 

Aside from the usual range of programmes – Eco, Automatic and Intensive – it also features an Extra Quiet programme for when you want a guaranteed whisper quiet performance (during that weekly dinner party, for instance). Miele's AutoDos technology is front and centre here, too, which uses replaceable detergent discs which simply slot into place. Each disc lasts around 20 washes and costs around £10, so while it's not a cheap system, it is convenient - and you can always use standard dishwasher tabs if you prefer. The machine can also be connected to a hot water supply, which can cut energy usage in half. 

It's the little features which really make you feel like you're dealing with a premium machine. The ComfortClose door glides open and closed with a reassuring smoothness, and doesn't flop open when you let go - it stays exactly where you put it. In fact, Miele's AutoOpen feature even opens the door automatically at the end of the drying cycle to ensure that dishes are perfectly dry before you go to put them back in the cupboard. 

Impressively, it's easy to take advantage of the Miele's 14-place capacity thanks to its top-notch basket design. The upper and lower baskets provide enough adjustability to make it easy to accommodate even the most awkward loads, and while both the standard and XXL models have the excellent slide-out 3D Multiflex tray, the XXL model provides even more space to take advantage of its super-adjustable design. Superb.

Key specs – Type: Fully-integrated; Place settings: 14; Rated efficiency: A+++; Wine glass support: Yes; Quick wash: Yes; Cutlery tray/basket: Tray; Adjustable basket: Yes

Buy now from John Lewis