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Best double ovens 2023: Feed more mouths at once with a bigger oven

Expand your oven-cooking capacity with our pick of the very best double ovens, from £469

Choosing a new double oven isn’t the most glamorous shopping experience but it’s worth spending some time to get it right. You don’t have to be a TV chef or the next baking show contestant to benefit from a good-quality oven, and even the most reluctant cook can take advantage of the range of features offered in the best double ovens.

If you’re in the market for a new oven, it’s possible to choose from a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, from standalone cookers with a hob, to built-in models that have single or double ovens. If you’re not quite sure which is for you, have a read of our guide to the best single ovens.

However, if you’re constrained by your existing kitchen layout or perhaps you’ve simply ruled out all the alternatives and decided a double oven is the one for you, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Here we’ve done some of the hard work for you and listed our top picks of what’s currently available. If you’re looking to replace your hob at the same time, head over to our guide on the best induction hobs.

Best double oven: At a glance

How to choose the best double oven for you

Should I go for a gas or electric double oven?

Often the choice between gas or electric ovens is less of a choice and more of a requirement based on what connections you’ve already got in place. There are good and bad points to both, but ultimately electric is taking over. There are very few gas ovens available and there’s a general shift away from gas, which is only set to intensify over the coming years as we strive to meet climate change targets.

Do I need a built-in or built-under double oven?

Built-in ovens are usually installed at eye level, and this makes them very safe to use: there’s no unnecessary bending to retrieve hot food from the oven and it’s easy to see inside and keep an eye on your creations. However, some people prefer (or only have the space for) a built-under oven, and these appliances sit below the kitchen worktop, often directly beneath the hob. One major downside, however, is that double built-under ovens have much smaller cavities than their built-in counterparts – an important consideration.

What features are worth looking out for?

Pyrolytic cleaning is a cleaning function that uses high temperatures of over 400˚C to reduce all food residues to ash that can be swept out of the bottom of the oven. Aside from paying someone to clean your oven, this is about as hands-off as you can get, and there are no nasty cleaning chemicals required. 

Catalytic oven liners are another good option, as they absorb grease which is then burnt off when you heat the oven to temperatures over 200˚C – but check whether the whole oven has catalytic liners, sometimes manufacturers just line the back or sides.

The range of features offered on current ovens is vast, from Wi-Fi connectivity to multiple heating functions that can include steam baking and built-in meat probes, as well as several variations on top, bottom and fan heating. So think about what functions you use on your current oven and what you’re likely to use – there’s little point paying for a model with all the bells and whistles if you’re only going to use the fan oven and grill.

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The best double ovens you can buy in 2023

1. Bosch Serie 2 MHA133BROB: Best easy-to-use double oven

Price when reviewed: £699 | Check price at AOFor some people, ovens with numerous functions and cooking programmes are just over-complicated and unnecessary, and a simple, easy-to-use oven is a much better choice. If that’s what you’re looking for, this is the oven for you.

This Bosch model has simple dial controls with all the settings displayed on the fascia, making it really intuitive to use without having to refer to the manual every five minutes. It’s popular among users for cooking evenly and being easy to use.

The main cavity is a fan oven, while the smaller cavity offers grill and conventional oven settings, so it’s got exactly what you need for day-to-day cooking. The EcoClean Direct oven liners absorb and dissolve grease and food splatters, so it should require minimal cleaning.

Key specs – Type: Built-in electric; Width: 59.4cm; Grill: Top oven only; Timer: Yes; Main oven capacity: 71l; Second oven capacity: 34l; Fan assisted: Yes, main cavity only; Energy rating: A/B

Check price at AO

2. Stoves BI900G: Best gas double oven

Price when reviewed: £719 | Check price at AOBuilt-in gas double ovens aren’t as widely available as they once were, but if gas is your preference, this familiar British brand has got you covered.

Gas ovens aren’t typically feature-rich and this one is no exception: the top cavity houses a full-width electric grill and can be used as a conventional gas oven, while the lower cavity is just a conventional gas oven. This limited range of features means it’s super easy and intuitive to use, and you can rest assured that it will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame goes out, a crucial safety feature.

The telescopic shelf runners in the main cavity allow you to pull the shelves right out without them tipping, perfect for checking whether your food’s cooked without having to remove it from the oven. This gas oven is popular with users who rate it for quality and ease of use.

Key specs – Type: Built-in gas; Width: 59.5cm; Grill: Top oven only; Timer: Yes; Main oven capacity: 66l; Second oven capacity: 27l; Fan assisted: No; Energy rating: A/A

Check price at AO

3. Beko Pro RecycledNet BBXDF29300Z: Best large-capacity budget double oven

Price when reviewed: £469 | Check price at AO It might be our budget choice, but this oven has plenty of things to shout about. As part of Beko’s RecycledNet range of ovens, it features parts made from recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste, in order to help reduce marine pollution – an eco-friendly initiative from Beko that means you can buy it in good conscience.

More importantly, though, the main oven cavity is a whopping 75 litres and this doesn’t come at the expense of the second cavity, which is still a pretty standard 38 litres, so there’s plenty of available cooking space.

Users praise this oven for heating up quickly and working efficiently but would like to see a thermostat light to indicate when the main cavity has reached temperature.

Cleaning the main oven is easy thanks to a catalytic liner on the back wall and SimplySteam, a steam clean function that softens burnt-on food in the rest of the oven.

Key specs – Type: Built-in electric; Width: 59.4cm; Grill: Top oven only; Timer: Yes; Main oven capacity: 75l; Second oven capacity: 38l; Fan assisted: Yes, main cavity only; Energy rating: A/A

Check price at AO

4. AEG DUE731110M: Best built-under double oven

Price when reviewed: £1,199 | Check price at AOIf you’re looking for a double built-under oven, this is a popular choice. The only issue is that you’ll have to be comfortable with getting two smaller 45-litre ovens – they combine to give you a decent amount of cooking space, but individually they’re on the small side.

The sleek, uncluttered design features touch controls, lessening the likelihood that you’ll accidentally adjust the oven as you brush past the worktop. Both ovens are fan-assisted, and with nine cooking functions to choose from in the main cavity and ten in the second cavity, it’s a multifunctional oven that will suit seasoned cooks.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece you can relax knowing that both ovens feature catalytic liners on the back, sides and roof, so there will be minimal cleaning.

Users like this oven, reporting that it heats up fast, cooks well and has plenty of features, but that it takes a little while to get to grips with the controls.

Key specs – Type: Built-under electric; Width: 59.4cm; Grill: Both top and bottom cavities; Timer: Yes; Main oven capacity: 45l; Second oven capacity: 45l; Fan assisted: Yes; Energy rating: A/A

Check price at AO

5. Smeg Victoria DOSF6920P1: Best built-in double oven for retro style

Price when reviewed: £1,459 | Check price at SmegWith its retro range-style appearance this oven has a love-it or hate-it design, but those who love it praise the unique appearance that works well in country-style kitchens.

There are nine cooking functions available in the main oven, and combined with the decent capacity, this will suit most of your home cooking needs. And novice cooks can take advantage of the automatic cooking programmes, which take the guesswork out of setting the cook time and temperature. Users love how evenly the oven cooks and grills as well as rating it highly for quality.

There are no easy clean coatings, but the vapour clean function uses steam to loosen dried-on food residues, making it easier to clean the enamel interior. It also comes with telescopic shelf runners that allow you to pull shelves all the way out to check on your food without the fear of them tipping.

Key specs – Type: Built-in electric; Width: 59.7cm; Grill: Both top and bottom cavities; Timer: Yes; Main oven capacity: 70l; Second oven capacity: 36l; Fan assisted: Yes, main cavity only; Energy rating: A/A

Check price at Smeg

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