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New LG cordless vacuum – twin batteries and tangle-free head

Double your battery life with the CordZero VK8400SCW cordless vacuum

Handheld vaccuum cleaners have become increasingly popular in recent years, and today we saw LG’s latest model, the CordZero 2in1 VK8400SCW. The key to designing a good cordless vacuum is balancing suction power, weight and battery life. For smaller homes, such cordless devices are already replacing traditional vacuum cleaners, but for deep cleaning into carpets in large houses they still aren’t a standalone replacement.

The VK8400SCW looks to solve that problem by utilising two batteries. The charging unit holds and charges the second battery, simultaneously charging both when the vacuum is docked. This effectively doubles the battere life, and doubles your vacuuming time, with the small hindrance of having to swap batteries half-way.

More importantly it lets you run the vacuum at its highest power setting without having to worry about running out of battery mid-clean. This makes it far more effective when cleaning deep pile carpets, that require more power to get all the dust and detritus out. You get 60 minutes of cleaning time out of the paired batteries, which is plenty for most homes

Except for the second battery, the VK8400SCW follows the design of previous models from the company. It’s a truly handheld, ‘dustbuster’ style device, which then fits into a larger docking unit to become a floor vaccuum. It’s a clever idea and a design we’d recommend for flats and smaller houses.

It also includes LG’s new rotating head, which it claims will untangle hair and suck it up, rather than leaving the head looking like an old hairbrush within a few days. We’re happy to see someone trying to tackle the problem, but we’ll reserve judgement until we’ve tested it properly.

There’s not much more to say about the new VK8400SCW, except that it comes in numerous coloours and should be available in the UK shortly. We’re yet to be told how much that extra battery, and the dual charger dock, will cost over the currrent models; but given it gives clear advantages we’re keen to get it in for testing.

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