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Samsung F600 UV review

Samsung F600 UV
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Price when reviewed : £229
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A bagged vacuum that could be perfect for allergy sufferers

Like the rest of Samsung’s vacuum cleaner range, the F600 is packed with technology despite bucking the trend and sticking with a bag rather than bagless design. With allergen-busting UV lights built into the brush it could be the ideal vacuum for anyone sensitive to dust.

The main benefit of using a bag is hygiene: each bag is triple filtered and self-sealing, so you’re much less likely to make a mess replacing it than you are emptying a bagless vacuum. It has a 3.5L capacity, which is 1.5l more than Samsung’s bagless vacuum range, but costs £10 for a set of five.

The ultraviolet light built into the brush head is designed to neutralise mites, bugs and other allergens as you’re cleaning, so you don’t need to treat carpets or rugs a second time. This is combined with a dust sensor positioned near the top of the hose shows you where dust has built up; an LED light glows red when dust is detected, then changes to green when the area is completely clean.

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Samsung F600 UV

Both gadgets use two AAA batteries and can be powered independently, or both at the same time. With a second regular brush head included in the box, you can detach them if you prefer too, although they had no negative impact on the F600’s suction. The switches on the handle are powered from the mains, at least, letting you adjust suction and power down the vacuum without reaching down to the machine itself.

We measured the vacuum at 33.5kPa, 33kPa and 33kPa when empty, half full and completely full respectively. This is on par with some of the most powerful of vacuums we’ve tested so far, so you should have no trouble dealing with thicker carpets or ground in dirt, although you may need a few additional passes with the brush – we collected a little less than the full amount of sample material when vacuuming carpet. At least the brush head has a sensible ground clearance, so doesn’t kick dirt around the room should you encounter a small pile of something like cat litter.

The F600 has to work hard to achieve its impressive suction: Samsung rates it at 2,100W and we measured it drawing 2,141W when operating at its maximum suction. That’s quite a lot compared to some other vacuum cleaners.

The vacuum itself has three castor wheels which are easy enough to drag around the house, but not a huge amount of ground clearance. The chunky handle also acts as a bumper cushion, protecting your furniture while you wheel it between chairs and tables.

It might have a slightly larger capacity thanks to the bag, but there’s not enough other redeeming features for us to recommend the F600 over other bagless designs. The Samsung F500 is a better deal for most people.



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