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Samsung F700 Motion Sync Sensor review

Samsung F700 Motion Sync Sensor
Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £230
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Plenty of technology, but beaten by other models in the same range

Samsung’s VC20F70HDER, otherwise known as the F700, is a larger version of the compact F500. It has the same dust sensor and in-line controls for power and brush control, making it a seriously high-tech vacuum cleaner.

Like its smaller brother, the F700 uses AAA batteries to power its gadgets, because you can remove each one from the suction loop if you prefer not to use it. We had no trouble using the dust sensor, which turns on a red LED when it detects dust passing through the hose and turns green once the area is clean.

With the same two oversized wheels and single front castor as the F500, the F700 can quickly turn on the spot very quickly. It has an impressively long 9m cable, which means a total reach of 12m. Automatic rewinding is button controlled and very quick. It weighs 7.04kg when empty, which is 360g lighter than the more compact F500.

The upholstery tool, crevice tool or dusting brush are stored on the handle rather than on the vacuum itself, and you can lock the main brush head to the cleaner for easier storage. There’s also a spare brush head, which is wider than the standard one.

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Samsung F700 Motion Sync Sensor

The F700 is rated at 2,000W (100 power watts less than the F500), but actually drew a slightly lower 1,934w with suction set to the maximum level. Naturally lower power translates to less suction; we measured the F700 at 29.5kPa, 29kPa and 29kPa when empty, half full and completely full respectively. We were expecting it to be quieter than the F500, but it has the same quoted sound level of 79dB(A), although we didn’t find it too intrusive.

During our testing, the F700 managed to collect the full amount of sample dirt from both carpets and hard floors. We use cat litter, which can be sent flying across the room when encountered by some vacuum cleaners, but that didn’t happen here and the F700 happily cleared it up without creating more mess.

Emptying the F700 is simple enough; once you raise the locking mechanism the 2L bin lifts right out. You’ll need two hands to release the clip lock base when held over a refuse bin, but it’s a lot less fiddly than the F500’s twist locking mechanism. The majority of the bin is comprised of filtration cylinders, so the two litre capacity is merely average for a full-size vacuum.

With less suction than its sibling and larger dimensions, we don’t think the two metres of extra reach is worth the £30 price premium for the F700 over the F500.



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