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Samsung’s WW6000 Ecobubble can wash a 5kg load in 59 minutes

Samsung WW6000 Ecobubble washing machine

Samsung's latest washing machine lets you wash a 5kg load in under an hour thanks to its new Super Speed Wash technology

If you’ve bought a new washing machine in the last couple of years, it probably has a quick wash setting that lets you get around 2kg worth of washing done in a shorter amount of time than your average wash. That’s great if you only want to wash a couple of shirts and a few pairs of jeans, but Samsung’s decided that 2kg just isn’t enough, as its new WW6000 Ecobubble washing machines let you wash 5kg in just under an hour.

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With its Super Speed Wash setting, the WW6000 can complete a 5kg load in just 59 minutes. That’s roughly 25 t-shirts, or an average load, Samsung told Expert Reviews. It does this by using two inlets for the water: one through the bottom of the machine as usual, and one injecting water at the top of the machine while it spins. This works in conjunction with Samsung’s Ecobubble technology which helps bubble up the detergent to get your clothes soaked faster and more efficiently.

Samsung WW6000 washing machine detail

Samsung’s also focused on decreasing the time it takes for the drum to get up to its maximum spin cycle. On the WW6000, the drum gets up to speed much faster than normal, allowing it to run at its maximum number of repetitions for a longer period of time. This will no doubt come as welcome news for anyone with a perpetually full washing basket, but Super Speed Wash isn’t the only new piece of technology Samsung’s introducing on the WW6000.

Bubble Soak is another new feature which acts as a kind of pre-wash, adding 30 minutes onto the washer’s main cycle. It’s a similar idea to Samusng’s set Stain Away function, but Bubble Soak is a supplementary setting that can be added to cottons, synthetics and baby wear washes so you don’t have to compromise on the WW6000’s specialist temperature settings just to get a good pre-soak.

Bubble Soak works by bringing in the bubbles first and then rotating the drum for twenty seconds. It then rests for 40 seconds to let the bubbles disperse and soak into the fabric. This cycle is repeated 30 times before the main wash cycle begins, effectively adding another 30 minutes onto the total cycle time so you can get a good, even coverage of bubbles across your entire load.

Samsung WW6000 washing machine inside

The WW6000 also borrows several design elements of Samsung’s high-end WW9000 Ecobubble, such as the 45-degree crystal gloss door and diamond texture drum inside to help protect the textures of the product. Available in both white and silver inox, the WW6000 comes in both 8kg and 9kg capacities with spin speeds between 1,200 and 1,600 rpm. Some models will also have Samsung’s vibration reduction technology which uses ball bearings to counter the weight of the drum to minimise the amount of noise it produces on a typical wash.

The WW6000 will be launching in a couple of weeks with prices starting at £579 from Currys. 

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