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LG brings its Signature washing-machine-in-a-washing-machine to Europe

LG Signature Twin Wash

LG brings its Twin Wash machine-in-a-machine to Europe as part of its Signature range

Earlier in the year you might remember that LG put a washing machine in a washing machine. It provoked much humour online at the time, despite being a pretty good idea. LG has now brought the Twin Wash concept to Europe as part of its top-end Signature series, announcing it today at its Innofest event in Budapest.

If you missed out on the original US launch, the idea is pretty much as described. Take a standard front-loading washing machine and then add a second smaller machine in a drawer underneath. That means you can do two washes at once, say whites and colours, or sheets and delicates, or you can simply do a small wash or single item in the smaller bottom washer more efficiently.
LG Signature washer

The machine has been refined since its US launch. The main door now sits back at a 17-degree angle, allowing for easy viewing into the machine while standing (for those who really like to watch their wash). It’s more important than you might think as the user interface appears on the door itself as a touchscreen interface, from which you enter all your wash settings with a quick series of taps.

The door is pretty smart too, simply push it lightly and it pops open, making it easy to open while you’re carrying a load of laundry in your arms. Which saves you dumping the whole load on the floor while you wrestle with the usual latch system.
LG Signature controls

Its technically impressive too, saving a whopping 60% of energy over the usual A+++ standard and managing a spin speed of 1600rpm whilst generating just 68db – that’s little more than a quiet conversation.

With its unique Twin Wash system there’s nothing quite like the LG Signature washing machine around. I’ll be having a play with it in the next hour or two and will update this article with some first impressions of this groundbreaking device.


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