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LG refreshes washing machine range with NFC connectivity

LG has completely overhauled its washing machine and tumble dryer range for 2014, introducing NFC connectivity, a new touch-sensitive front panel and bold styling

LG has revealed an entirely new line-up of smart washing machines and tumble dryers for 2014, which include NFC connectivity for the first time to let owners download new washing and drying programs from the web to clean specific loads, as well as diagnose any errors with the machine.

LG smart washing machine

The new range will be split into three distinct models; the flagship Series 1, mid-range Series 2 and entry-level Series 3. All three are more energy efficient than their predecessors, in part because they use LG’s Digital Direct Drive motor – unlike a traditional belt-fed motor, it is directly attached to the drum to reduce vibration. This means less energy is wasted as vibration or noise, resulting in 40% more energy efficiency than other A+++ rated models.

The direct drive motor can also rotate both ways, providing more wash and tumble modes for specific fabrics, and with fewer moving parts it should also be more reliable – so much so that LG will provide a 10 year guarantee on the motor. Combined with a filtration and jet spray system, LG is calling the custom spin modes TurboWash. The pressurised water jets penetrate clothes with a greater force, meaning less water is required overall for the same cleaning effect – 47 litres versus 78L in the previous generation model.That also means a standard wash is finished in 59 minutes, rather than 95 in a conventional LG washing machine, and energy consumption is reduced from 720w to 620wWh.

Other new features include True Stream, which should reduce wrinkles, help sterilise bacteria, reduce allergens and make your clothes softer than a regular wash. A hybrid eco mode for the washer dryer models also gives owners the choice between air drying for energy- and water-savings, or water drying for time savings.

LG smart washing machine

For gadget fans, however, the most exciting new feature is Tag On. With an NFC-enabled smartphone, you’ll be able to download wash programs for specific loads not initially included in the machine’s pre-set wash programs. You’ll also be able to diagnose problems with the machine using a similar tap, with an app detecting the 28 most common errors and saving you the need to call out a technician.

LG smart washing machine

The machine is easier to use in general thanks to a new touch-sensitive control panel, which is angled at 15 degrees upwards so you won’t have to lower yourself to eye-level just to read the temperature setting wash preset.

LG expects the new range of washing machines to arrive in the UK from the first half of the year, including a 12kg wash 8kg dry combination machine which the company is calling a world’s first. No confirmed prices were available at the time of writing.

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