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AEG L87680FL review

David Ludlow
7 Mar 2013
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Excellent wash performance and a great range of options from this well-priced washing machine



Drum size: 8kg, Spin speed: 1,600rpm, Rated efficiency: A+++, Wool wash: Yes, Silk Wash: Yes, Hand Wash: Yes


To find out how good the AEG L87680FL is at cleaning clothes, we put it through a series of tests using our stain strips. View our gallery to see all of the cleaning examples: dirty cloth is at the top of each sample; the clean one is at the bottom.

Wash performance was some of the best that we've seen, with good results in all of our tests using the Cotton 30C and Cotton 40C cycles. Cleaning was particularly good in our red wine stain test. Cleaning was slightly better in the Cotton 40C cycle with the cocoa stain than the Cotton 30C cycle, but it was a close run thing.

AEG L87680FL Cotton 40 - Cotton soiled with cocoa
AEG L87680FL Cotton 30 - Cotton soiled with cocoa

Wash performance at 40C and 30C was very similar, but we prefer the 40C cocoa performance (top)

We've seen marginally better performance from other machines in the hard blood/milk/ink test, but the AEG l87680FL still put in a good performance.

AEG L87680FL Synthetic 40C - Cotton soiled with red wine

The Synthetic 40C cycle produced excellent results, as you can see from its performance with red wine stains

We're pleased to say that the Synthetic 40C tests proved to be of the same quality and it was hard to tell the difference. All of our test stains were cleaned up well and this washing machine is near the top of the grade, performance wise.

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