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Beko WMB91242LC review

Donna Willingham
7 Oct 2013
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Cheap to buy and, thanks to the Eco mode, cheap to run, with decent wash performance in all of its cycles



Drum size: 9kg, Spin speed: 1,200rpm, Rated efficiency: A++, Wool wash: Yes, Silk Wash: Yes, Hand Wash: Yes


Cleaning performance is an important parameter when buying a washing machine, which is why we put all models through a series of tests using our specialist stain strips. View our gallery to see all of the cleaning examples: dirty cloth is at the top of each sample; the clean one is at the bottom.

Our stain strips showed that cleaning was better in the 40C cotton wash than the 30C cotton wash, which is what we’d expect to see. Stains were marginally lighter following the hotter wash, with blood, cocoa and red wine clearly faring better.

Beko WMB91242LC Cotton 30 - Cotton soiled with cocoa
Beko WMB91242LC Cotton 40 - Cotton soiled with cocoa

There's not much in it, but the Cotton 40C wash (bottom) dealt with the cocoa stain better than the Cotton 30C wash

We couldn’t pick apart results for the Synthetic 40C wash from the 30C wash – the stains appeared to be pretty much the same. It was just the red wine sample in the Synthetic 40C that was more faint in comparison.

Beko WMB91242LC Synthetic 40 - Cotton soiled with red wine

The 40C Synthetic wash coped well with our red wine stain

We were pretty impressed with the Eco 20C wash – red wine even seemed to come out better than the 30C wash. However, blood was the stickler here, which the Beko struggled to wash out, and it was a similar story with the blood/milk/ink sample.

Beko WMB91242LC Eco 20 - Cotton soiled with blood

Although the 20C Eco wash was good, it struggled a little to get the blood stain out of the clothes

Overall, we were really pleased with the wash performance, the stains were evenly removed across all the cycles and rivalled those of machines costing almost double the price.

On the sound front, the Beko performed well here, too, 55dB on the wash wasn’t a bad result, while 71dB on a spin is quiet compared to others we’ve tested - one of the best in fact.

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