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Samsung Ecobubble WF90F7E6U6W review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £510
inc VAT

The lowest cost we've seen from a 30C cycle and great cleaning makes this large-capacity washing machine a great choice


Drum size: 9kg, Spin speed: 1,600rpm, Rated efficiency: A+++, Wool wash: Yes, Silk Wash: Yes, Hand Wash: Yes

We’ve been really impressed with Samsung Ecobubble washing machines before, impressing us with their low-temperature cleaning power.

As a result, we were looking forward to seeing the WF90F7E6U6W in action. Available at a lower price than we’ve seen before, this Ecobubble washing machine also has the largest drum size of the range, at 9kg. This means there’s plenty of room to do a large wash or put larger items through, such as duvets.

Samsung Ecobubble WF90F7E6U6W


While all of the Ecobubble washing machines we’ve tested have had low running costs when using the eco modes, at standard wash cycles (30C and 40C) costs have been a fair bit higher.

This time around, Samsung has managed to keep costs down across the board. We were deeply impressed with the 30C cotton wash. The WF90F7E6U6W used 0.35kW for the cycle and 35L of water, giving a super-low running cost of just 15p for the cycle. Thanks to 1,600rpm spin speed, water retention in our test clothes was just 923g.

Washing at 40C, the cost per cycle did jump significantly, however, but it was still a pretty good rate at 25p per cycle. Here, water retention was low again on a 1600 spin speed, at 980g. Water usage increased to 53Land power nearly doubled from the 30C wash to 0.68kW.

When we moved on to the 40C Easycare program, the cost per cycle stayed the same at 25p. Water retention was slightly higher this time at 1.15kg, due to the slower 800rpm spin speed, but water usage and power dropped slightly to 51L and 0.67kW respectively. These results are pretty average across the board.

The Super Eco 20 cycle is there to help cut costs on power, carrying out your wash loads on lower temperatures. It’s kind to your purse strings and the planet. Well, that’s the theory.

Having to heat the water to a lower temperature helps cut electricity costs, with this cycle requiring just 0.26kW. However, water usage was 48L, which gave us a total cycle cost of 17p – slightly higher than the 30C wash.

We also calculated running costs based on the EU Energy Label (see how we test washing machines for more information). This gave us running costs of £52.30 for high usage, £39.23 for medium usage and £26.15 for low usage. For a 9kg machine, that’s an excellent result and the cheapest running costs we’ve seen at this drum size.

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Drum size9kg
Spin speed1,600rpm
Rated efficiencyA+++
Size (HxWxD)600x600x850mm
Wash modes
Auto half loadYes
Delicate washYes
Wool washYes
Silk WashYes
Hand WashYes
Quick washYes
Reduced creasingYes
Super rinseYes
Time remaining indicatorYes
Annual water consumption9,750L
Annual electricity consumption127
Buying information
WarrantyFive-years onsite
Part CodeWF90F7E6U6W

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