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Best Christmas garland 2022: The most festive Christmas wreaths and garlands for this holiday season

Deck the halls and bring the cheer with the best Christmas garlands and wreaths to buy in 2022

The best Christmas garlands will always add a much-needed burst of colour and cheer to those cold, dark winter nights. While the main event is, of course, the night that the fat man comes squeezing down the chimney, the festive fun can and should begin much earlier. After all, throwing up the decorations requires so much time and effort, you may as well wring as much joy as you can out of them, right?

That being said, Expert Reviews cannot in good conscience condone putting up your Christmas decorations before 1 December.

Next on the naughty list of problems is the fact that, with so much choice in Christmas decorations these days, it can be very difficult to sort the decent products from the cheap rubbish that will fall apart before New Year’s. That’s where we come in. Our expert elves have been working tirelessly in the workshop to find you the very best garlands and wreaths on the market this Christmas.

For mounting, you have several choices. First, a garland weaving around a bannister can be fairly self-sufficient, at most you’ll want to just tuck the ends in, making loose knots. If you don’t want to use nails for hanging, you can use a more wall-friendly alternative, such as sticky-backed hooks or sticky-backed pads. These will also work well for hanging a wreath, but if you want to go one step further, you can get a wreath hanger that hooks neatly over the top of your door.

However you decide to hang them, there’s something on this list to suit every style, whether you’re into the traditional Christmas look, or you like to spice things up with a more modernist approach. So read on to see our picks of the best Christmas garlands and wreaths that you can buy this holiday season.

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Best Christmas Garland: At a glance

  • Best classic wreath: Showvigor Pre-lit Christmas Wreath | Buy now
  • Best garland for stairs: Sudatong pre-lit Christmas Garland | Buy now
  • Best budget wreath: Dibor Artificial Christmas Wreath | Buy now
  • Most stylish garland: Valery Madelyn Pre-lit Christmas Garland | Buy now
  • Most stylish wreath: Valery Madelyn Pre-lit Christmas Wreath | Buy now
  • Best low-key garland: Whaline Red Berry Christmas Garland | Buy now

The best Christmas garlands to buy in 2022

1. Showvigor Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath: The best classic Christmas wreath

Price: From £34 | Buy now from Amazon

This classically Christmassy wreath is about as warm a welcome into your home as you can get. The lush fir-style body is dappled with a sprinkling of snow-white and garnished with pine cones and small bunches of red berries. 50 candle LEDs are also woven throughout, producing a warm yellow glow that should stave off a little of the winter chill on a cold December night. As standard, these LEDs are set to shine steadily for six hours and then shut off for the other 18 to preserve the bulbs and extend their lifespan.

Key details – Material: Polyester; Sizes available: 46cm, 56cm, 61cm; Lights included: Yes; Batteries required: 3 x AA; Batteries included: No

2. Sudatong pre-lit Christmas Garland: The best garland for your stairs

Price: £28 | Buy now from Amazon

Stairs are most commonly associated with tiredness – shuffling down them in the morning pre-coffee, dragging yourself back up them at night – so arguably, they are also most in need of a festive glow-up. This vibrant garland is Christmas through and through, with the green fir-style body peppered with artificial red berries and pinecones. The final flourish is the string of LED lights woven throughout, adding a warm, wintery glow that will make even the chilliest night feel cosy.

If you don’t have a staircase, fret not, this versatile garland is suitable for several spots around your home. It can grace a mantelpiece, border a doorway, or curl around the foot of the bed. Just bear in mind that, while the main garland is waterproof, the LED lights are not, so this one is best kept indoors.

Key details – Material: PVC; Sizes available: 2.7m; Lights included: Yes; Batteries required: 3 x AA; Batteries included: No

3. Dibor Artificial Christmas Wreath: The best budget Christmas wreath

Price: £19 | Buy now from Amazon

Having something pretty to hang on your door doesn’t need to cost the Earth – especially at a time when expenses are fairly high as it is. This low-cost, no-frills wreath is a great choice for anyone who just wants a little personality splashed on their front door, without paying for any unnecessary extras. It helps that, despite being so reasonably priced, this wreath has plenty of personality, with pinecones, berries and bright red flowers strewn across it. There are also no lights, so this wreath can comfortably hang on the outside of your front door, whatever the weather.

Key details – Material: PVC; Sizes available: 36cm; Lights included: No; Batteries required: No

4. Valery Madelyn Pre-lit Christmas Garland: The most stylish Christmas garland

Price: £44 | Buy now from Amazon

This garland is a little different from your typical Christmas fare, but if you’re looking to add a burst of sophistication to your holiday decorations, this could very well do the trick. The muted greens used for the vinyl leaves are more low-key than the bright fir-green you see in most Christmas garlands, while the white berries and frosted pine cones combine to produce a rustic wintry charm. LED lights are the final flourish, with eight lighting effects to choose from, dimming options and a six hours on, 18 hours off daily cycle.

Key details – Material: Vinyl; Sizes available: 1.8m; Lights included: Yes; Batteries required: 3 x AA; Batteries included: No

5. Valery Madelyn Pre-lit Christmas Wreath: The most stylish Christmas wreath

Price: £53 | Buy now from Amazon

Another choice that’s a little outside the box, but effectively festive in its own right, this pre-lit wreath from Valery Madelyn is a great way to stand out from the homogenous door decor that’s gripped your neighbourhood. The pastel green leaves are splayed in a loose circle, producing a spiral-like effect, and garnished on top with white berry clusters. There are 20 dimmable LEDs nestled in the mix, with a standard day cycle of six hours on, 18 hours off, as well as eight different lighting options.

Key details – Material: Vinyl; Sizes available: 46cm; Lights included: Yes; Batteries required: 3 x AA; Batteries included: No

6. Whaline Red Berry Christmas Garland: The best simple Christmas garland

Price: £14 | Buy now from Amazon

If you want something a little more discreet for your decorations, this simple berry vine will add a small splash of festivity to your home without taking up too much space. Styled like a Cypress Pine, with intermittent bunches of red berries and a very light sprinkling of snow, this garland would look great draped around a fireplace (secured safely away from fire, of course) or hanging over a window. It even separates into two pieces, so you’ve got plenty of options when it comes time to deck your halls.

Key details – Material: PVC; Sizes available: 1.5m; Lights included: No; Batteries required: No

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