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Best draught excluders 2024: An affordable fix to keep out the cold

Feeling a nippy breeze at your feet? The best draught excluders can block cool air in its tracks to leave your home feeling super snug

As the temperatures start to dip, we can become all too aware of the various cracks and crevices in our homes, which reveal themselves by allowing cold air to seep in. Thankfully, the best draught excluders offer a fairly inexpensive solution, and could mean you no longer have to double up on socks, or wrap up in shawls and blankets – and could even save you some money on heating costs.

Usually, draught excluders or draught guards sit in front of external or internal doors, for example,  preventing cold air from entering. At the same time, they also prevent heat from escaping. But there are a few things to consider before making your choice of draught excluder, features that could elevate this simple, affordable purchase to a great one. These include everything from the type of stuffing, to the area for which you want a draught excluder.

With plenty available on the market, from super-stylish draught excluders to more novelty designs, you’re sure to find one that delivers on a functional front, while also matching with your home decor. And in the list below you’ll find our pick of the best draught excluders, no matter your budget, plus some details on how you can choose the best item for your needs.

Best draught excluders: At a glance

How to choose the best draught excluder

What types of draught excluders are available?

The most common type of draught excluder you’ll see is one that sits across the bottom of a door. Typically, it will be the same length as the door and tube-shaped (hence a draught excluder is also known as a door sausage or door snake). You might also come across them in a rectangular or triangle shape.

Also available are double-sided door snakes, which have cushioning on either side of a flat part in the middle, which slides under your door. This offers draught protection on both sides. For external doors, there are brush-style excluders that allow for natural ventilation while stopping draughts. The bristles in this type are particularly useful in those instances where the floor is uneven.

In addition, foam-tape draught excluders can seal more than just doors; they can also block draughts from windows and other sneaky spots where cool air tends to make its way into the home.

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What features should I look for in a good draught excluder?

The best draught excluder for your home will depend on the area it’s for, your style and your preferences. Here are a few considerations when shopping for a good draught excluder.

Draught location – Consider the location from where cool air is getting into your home. If the issue is mainly draughty windows, or draught from the side of a door, foam tape that you can cut to size and place anywhere will be the best option.

Excluder filling – Take note of the type of filling used inside a draught blocker. A light polyfill can be a cheaper option, but if your door is draughty because it won’t stay closed, you might need a weightier option. Look for draught excluders that are filled with sand or gravel, which will keep both the blocker and the door in their place.

Decor style – If the draught excluder will be sitting in a prominent place such as a living room, consider a style that matches with your existing decor. This will see it blend in with the surroundings and follow through with the overall aesthetic of your home. Alternatively, you might be after something that stands out. A bright colour among darks, or one of the many adorable character and animal-style excluders can act as a statement piece in your home.

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The best draught excluders you can buy in 2024

1. Fowong Under-Door Draught Excluder: Best overall draught excluder

Price: £23 | Buy now from Amazon

The best draught excluder is one that delivers twice over, and this under-door draught excluder blocks gaps on both sides of a door, ensuring that no cold air can get into your home and no heat can escape. And, once in place, it will help save energy and save money.

Its sponge cotton rolls can be trimmed to better fit the length of your door, after which the draught excluder can be attached to the bottom of the door, where it’s secured by elastic, hook and loop tape. Conveniently, the external material is machine washable.

This product can help in other ways, too. It blocks light and dust, keeps out insects and even muffles noise, and it’s perfect for use on any floor type including carpet, tile, wood and marble. Aside from a pair of scissors to trim the cotton roll, if necessary, there are no other tools required for installation.

Key details – Material: Not specified; Filling: Sponge cotton; Dimensions: 880 x 50mm; Machine Washable: Yes

2. Tebrun Window Draught Excluder Tape: Best foam tape draught excluder

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Not every draught makes its way in from the bottom of a door; it can also enter from the top or side of a door, from windows and other cracks or crevices, too. To fill these more awkward gaps, it’s best to turn to foam tape. Easy to use, you simply cut a strip to your desired length and secure it where needed.

Suitable for gaps between 2–7mm long, the foam tape’s grid-patterned adhesive ensures it sticks firmly and securely. The foam tape is waterproof and windproof, and it won’t corrode easily either.

This draught excluder is flexible, durable and easy to use. This pack includes two rolls of foam tape that can be split down the middle to double the length of tape available to use, so you’ll have enough to handle any draughty spaces you find.

Key details – Material: EPDM rubber; Filling: N/A; Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2500mm; Machine Washable: No

3. Wickes Door Brush: Best brush draught excluder

Price: £5.50 | Buy now from Wickes

One of the more cost-effective options on the list, this door brush draught excluder is particularly common and useful for fixing up draughty external doors. The bristles can be cut to fit against the doorframe or floor, allowing it to sweep gently when opened, without dragging across the floor.

Note that this type of draught excluder blocks out the cold while allowing natural airflow to continue. This means the air in your home can circulate properly, reducing the buildup of particles and bacteria. It’s also suitable to use on draughty windows. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option available, but it does a great job of retaining heat in your home.

The only real catch here is that this type of draught excluder can be more difficult to install over other versions. Installation requires measuring, cutting if necessary and drilling into the door. If you’re not so handy with tools, we’d give this one a miss.

Key details – Material: UPVC; Filling: N/A; Dimensions: 6 x 838 x 45mm; Machine Washable: No

Buy now from Wickes

4. Dora Designs Schnauzer Senior: Best animal draught excluder

Price: £38 | Buy now from John Lewis

It was truly difficult to pick just one animal or character draught excluder for our list, because there are so many adorable ones available – but this senior schnauzer seemed the perfect compromise of stylish and affordable.

The high-quality bouclé fabric paired with a set of puppy dog eyes and floppy ears make this draught excluder a cute addition (although it would be wise to remind children that this isn’t a toy, since the filling isn’t kid-friendly). Put this dog in front of your door and his long body, from his snout to tail, will block out any cold air making its way in from under the doorway.

The only downside to this particular draught excluder is that it isn’t machine washable, which can be an issue for an item that will collect dirt from spending all its time on the floor. Nevertheless, treated delicately and dusted on its outside every so often, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Key details – Material: Bouclé fabric; Filling: Polyfibre and wadding; Dimensions: 840 x 140mm; Machine Washable: No

5. Plush Bear Draught Excluder: Best plush draught excluder

Price: £8.99 | Buy now from The Range

If you’re looking for a draught excluder in a neutral colour that will match the luxurious cushions on your sofa, this Plush Bear version from The Range is the perfect choice. This charcoal-coloured, faux-fur draught blocker has the appearance of a lumbar or bolster decorative pillow, so will easily blend with the decor around it.

This draught blocker is thick, allowing it to easily halt any draught that attempts to make its way under the door. Between its size and the fuzzy covering, it does a fantastic job of insulating the room, keeping any heat in.

Note that the cover on this draught blocker can’t be machine-washed or dried, nor can it be dry-cleaned. As such, it’s important to be mindful of its condition and spot-clean when necessary, as you would with most decorative pillows. That said, in the summer when a draught excluder isn’t necessary, this product can double as a sofa or bed pillow!

Key details – Material: Polyester; Filling: Not specified; Dimensions: 850 x 200mm; Machine Washable: No

Buy now from The Range

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