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Angled view of Swan dehumidifier with sofa in background
Does a dehumidifier cool a room?

Using a dehumidifier not only tackles excess humidity, but it can help with drying washing indoors and even make you sweat less

A dehumidifier
The best dehumidifiers to buy in 2024

Dry your home and laundry with the best dehumidifiers tried and tested

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Why is my washing machine not spinning?
Washing machines

Is your washing machine not spinning? Before you call out a repairman, read our guide to common problems and how to fix them at home

dehumidifier upright in a domestic setting
What does a dehumidifier do? Tips and tricks

Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air in your home – discover how they operate and when you should use one

Woman taking laundry out of washing machine at night
What is the cheapest time to use a washing machine?
Washing machines

Here’s everything you need to know about taking advantage of off-peak energy tariffs

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The best dishwashers to buy in 2024

Dreaming of sparkling dishes without the elbow grease? This is our pick of the best dishwashers to buy

woman holding clothes coming out of the washing machine and holding her nose
Why does my washing machine smell: Odours explained
Washing machines

Top tips to troubleshoot why your washing machine smells and how to banish the bad odours for good

Hands taking wet white clothes out of automatic washing machine
How to whiten clothes
Washing machines

Be gone, dingy whites. Here’s everything you need to know about brightening dull, greying garments

best water filter jug header
The best water filter jugs you can buy
Home appliances

Fed up with chemical tastes? Limescale wrecking your kettle? Run your water through these filter jugs to enjoy the fresh, clean taste

washing machine with clothes on top and a wicker basket beside it with pillows on top, on a white domestic background
How to wash pillows and keep them soft and fresh
Washing machines

Did you know you can wash your pillows? Here’s everything you need to know about how to wash pillows for a refreshingly restful night