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Latest Solar panels

The best solar panels for UK homes in 2023
Solar panels

Considering a switch to solar, but not sure which panels to pick? Here's our guide to choosing the best solar panel system for your home

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How efficient are solar panels?
Solar panels

How well do solar panels generate electricity and can they produce enough to power your entire home? We investigate

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Do you need planning permission for solar panels?
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Should you get permission from the council before you install solar panels? Here's how to find out

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In-roof solar panels: What you need to know
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Are integrated or in-roof solar panels right for your roof and your budget? Here's our guide

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Solar roof tiles: Turn your roof solar without panels
Solar panels

Solar tiles are the most attractive and durable way to go solar – if you can afford them

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Can you switch to solar for free?
Solar panels

Grants and local schemes can slash the cost of a solar PV system – in some cases to nothing

Solar panel sizes: Find the right solar panels for you
Solar panels

Should you go for big, powerful solar panels or small, high-efficiency panels? Here's our guide to sizing up your solar

How much do solar panels cost in the UK?
Solar panels

Thinking of switching to solar electricity for your home? Here's our guide to the cost of solar panels and installation in the UK

DIY solar panels UK: Our guide to do-it-yourself solar power
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Can you save even more money with solar panels by installing them yourself? We reveal the pros, cons and how-tos of DIY solar

Can you install solar panels on a flat roof?
Solar panels

Solar panels can work very well on flat roofs, but there are a few extra challenges to bear in mind. Here's our guide