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Best flower subscription 2024: Hit repeat on bursting blooms

A bouquet of yellow flowers on a white table

Want to enjoy beautiful flowers regularly? Here’s our roundup of the best online florists who offer subscriptions

They might be for your home, your workplace, or a lucky someone, but one thing’s for certain: a bunch of fresh, bright and beautiful flowers never goes unappreciated. If you want them in regular supply delivered to your door, then a flower subscription makes for the perfect, and often most cost-effective, choice. The best flower subscriptions are not only a welcome treat but convenient and hassle-free too. So why not spoil the person you care about most to a continuous supply of beautiful blooms?

Of course, there are a lot of florists out there who offer monthly subscriptions – so where is the best place to look? You will find a surprising range of prices and subscription options online, some more reasonable than others. To help you decide what’s best for your needs and more importantly, your budget, we’ve put together a guide below to help you choose the best flower subscription. If you already have an idea of what you want and how much you would like to spend, our pick of the best can be found further down the page.

Best flower subscription: At a glance

How to choose the best flower subscription for you

How often do you want flowers?

The vast majority of online florists offer a standard monthly subscription (Flowerbx is the notable exception: it offers a weekly and fortnightly subscription, too). Some companies will let you know the exact day of the month your flowers will arrive; some are a little more vague. If you need flowers more frequently, or at different intervals to a florist’s advertised subscriptions, we suggest you give them a call and lay out your needs – if it’s financially worth their while, they will be happy to accommodate you.

How long do you want a subscription for?

The shortest flower subscriptions last for three months, while the longest are either 12 months or work on a rolling, indefinite basis. The majority of florists offer subscriptions that are three, six or 12 months long. But if you’re nervous about committing to something that might be too long-term for you, bear in mind that barely any florists charge a cancellation fee, provided you give them sufficient notice before the next scheduled delivery.

What’s your budget?

Flower subscriptions vary wildly in budget – our list ranges between starting prices of £20 and £45 – and those are for the cheapest subscriptions available. With luxe subscriptions, you can even spend as much as £100 per delivery. Like any bulk purchase, the longer the subscription you choose, the cheaper each flower delivery gets.

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The best flower subscriptions you can buy in 2024

1. Bunches: Best value flower subscription

Price when reviewed: From £25 per delivery | Check prices at Bunches Bunches-a close up picture of pink roses with white baby's breath flowers in a boquetBunches offer flowers that are relatively cheap, but don’t skimp on style. (Prices have gone up in the past few months, but they’re still excellent value.) Flower subscriptions come in the form of three packages: Simply Bunches (£25 per month), Hand Tied (£28 per month) and Luxe Hand Tied (£32 per month), each available for three, six and 12 months. When you first order the subscription, you can pick a delivery date for the first month, and flowers will arrive as close to this date as possible for each following month. Delivery via first-class Royal Mail is free. If you go with the Simply Bunches package, you’re signing up for the best-value subscription on this list.

Key specs – Subscription rate: Monthly; Subscription duration: 3, 6 and 12 months; Delivery charge? No; Cancellation: 5 days prior

Check prices at Bunches

2. Bloom & Wild: Best letterbox flower subscription

Price when reviewed: From £20 per delivery | Check prices at Bloom & Wild Bloom and wild. a photograph of some pink roses in a white vase next to an open letterbox-sized delivery box filled with pink rosesBloom & Wild might have only been founded in 2013, but it’s established a glittering reputation for its beautiful and impeccably arranged bouquets. We were pleased to discover it offers an agile and broad subscription service. There are actually ten different subscriptions to choose from, ranging from one that’s three months long for letterbox flowers (£70) to one that’s indefinite (£20 per month). Nice little touches show how much thought Bloom & Wild has put into the service – for example, you can request a lily-free subscription if you have a pet for whom lilies would be toxic.

Key specs – Subscription rate: Monthly; Subscription length: 3, 6, 12 months and ongoing; Delivery charge? No; Cancellation: Any time

Check prices at Bloom & Wild

3. Flying Flowers: Best flower subscription with free delivery

Price when reviewed: From £26 per delivery | Check prices at Flying Flowers Flying Flowers - a close up picture of white roses and purple swee peasBest known for its carnations, Flying Flowers is a company that was founded in Jersey in 1981 and has since grown into a highly successful nationwide brand. Its monthly flower subscription is available on a three-month (£80), six-month (£158) or 12-month (£312) basis. You can expect to receive your bouquet on or around the 18th of the month (if the 18th is on a Sunday, expect it on the following day). Delivery is free, as is the personal message you can include. A sound choice if you want to keep your spending to a minimum.

Key specs – Subscription rate: Monthly; Subscription duration: 3, 6 and 12 months; Delivery charge? No; Cancellation: Any time

Check prices at Flying Flowers

4. Appleyard Flowers: Best flower subscription for choice

Price when reviewed: From £25 per delivery | Check prices at Appleyard Flowers appleyard flowers - pink roses and white lillys arrangedOn the sheer gorgeousness of its bouquets alone, you will find Appleyard Flowers on our best flower delivery list. But we’re also big fans of its subscription service, which sends out its sumptuous arrangements on a monthly basis for either three (£90), six (£165) or 12 months (£300). You also get to pick the first bouquet that gets delivered, which is a nice touch, especially if you’re gifting the subscription to someone and know that particular one will bring a smile to their face. And if you’re on your hols, you can contact Appleyard and get them to skip that month’s delivery – since there’s nothing more depressing than finding a bunch of neglected, wilted flowers on a doorstep.

Key specs – Subscription rate: Monthly; Subscription duration: 3, 6 and 12 months; Delivery charge? No; Cancellation notice: 48 hours

Check prices at Appleyard Flowers

5. Arena Flowers: Best sustainable flower subscription service

Price when reviewed: £25 per delivery | Check prices at Arena Flowers Arena flowers - a yellow bouquet of flowers in a glass vase including roses and lilliesSustainability is so important when it comes to plants and flowers, which is why Arena is a top choice for flower subscriptions. Not only does Arena work with farms and Fairtrade growers, but it also donates to charity and plants trees each time you receive a delivery.

Better still, the subscriptions are fantastic value for money and flowers are picked just hours before they’re delivered. Our bouquets were fresh and well packed, in specially designed cardboard boxes intended to keep them in tip-top condition. Deliveries can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly and changing or pausing your subscription is easy.

Key specs – Subscription rate: Weekly, fortnightly or monthly; Subscription duration: Three months or ongoing; Delivery charge? Yes; Cancellation: Any time

Check prices at Arena Flowers

6. Flowerbx: Best weekly and fortnightly flower subscription

Price when reviewed: From £40 per delivery | Check prices at Flowerbxflowerbx - three bouquets of flowers in varying shades of purple If you’re looking a flower subscription that’s more frequent than just a monthly basis, head to Flowerbx: it’s one of the few online florists that offers weekly and fortnightly subscriptions. But you will have to be prepared to spend a pretty penny, as Flowerbx’s simple-yet-sumptuous arrangements don’t come cheap – you can spend as much as £100 per delivery. Also, bear in mind that some subscriptions are London-only at the moment, and it’s the only florist on this list that doesn’t offer free delivery.

Key specs – Subscription rate: Weekly, fortnightly, monthly; Subscription length: 3, 6, 12 months and ongoing; Delivery charge? Yes; Cancellation: Any time

Check prices at Flowerbx

7. Freddie’s Flowers: Best for unusual blooms

Price: £25 per delivery | Check prices at Freddie’s Flowers freddie's flowers - a cardboard delivery box filled with various types of unusual colourful flowersFreddie Garland (yes, really) of Freddie’s Flowers prides himself on sustainability and seasonal stems. This translates into its inclusion of rather lovely, unusual blooms that distinguish the company from its competitors. Debut of the dainty cherry blossom Prunus, for example, attests to this. Plus, Freddie’s is great for its little perks; it recently extended a free bunch of daffodils to subscribers on St David’s Day and has put out plenty of creative content with its first Artist in Residence to keep, ahem, budding florists inspired.

Their sustainability is top notch too; 38% of deliveries are by bike or electric van, and everything – food sachets included – in the box is biodegradable (plus you can leave the old boxes out so they can reuse them). While you can’t select the bunch of blooms yourself, with the range, thought and special touches Freddie et al put into their selection (for Valentine’s Day there were ten different kinds of roses), you will be thrilled and delighted that you left it to the experts.

Key specsSubscription rate: Weekly, fortnightly; Subscription length: Flexible; Delivery charge? No; Cancellation: Any time

Check prices at Freddie’s Flowers

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