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Best George Foreman grill 2023: The best grills for low-fat cooking from £24

Perfect for sizzling meat, chicken, veggies and even sweet treats, there’s a George Foreman grill that can take care of every meal

It’s been more than a decade since the George Foreman grill hit our kitchen worktops, laying waste to extra fat without losing flavour. These days, the health grills are still lean and mean but now they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements – whether that’s large grills to cook for all the family, ones that allow you to griddle food as well, or compact models that can tuck in the smallest of spaces.

The huge range of models means that if you haven’t previously owned a George Foreman grill, choosing one can be confusing. Similarly, if you’ve owned an older grill and are about to upgrade, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the latest features on offer – from smokeless grills that prevent your kitchen filling up with greasy smells, to those that can even be used outside. We’ve selected the best George Foreman grill you can buy, and we’ll outline the features you should look for. Below, you’ll find our buying guide to help you choose the best George Foreman grill, or you can scroll on for our top picks.

Best George Foreman grill: At a glance

How to choose the best George Foreman grill for you

What do I need to consider when buying a George Foreman grill?

As there are different sizes and styles of George Foreman grill, choosing the right one will depend on how much food you’re grilling. A compact model is often best for one or two people. Its grill area should be enough for a few skewers of meat and a couple of peppers or a steak. Extra-large grills, such as the 22460 Indoor Outdoor Grill reviewed below, will be able to cater for a family dinner or healthier English breakfast. However, the larger the model you choose, the more space it wil take up, so be sure you’ll use it all before opting for a bigger grill.

Storage is a key consideration. Small and medium-sized grills can be stored vertically in a cupboard, but larger grills may have to live on the worktop, so make sure you have the room for them.

The food you like to cook will also have an impact. If you’re only planning to use it for meat, a smaller model might be best, whereas entire meals cooked on the grill will need a larger capacity to prevent food having to be grilled in batches. Some models fold out flat to double the grilling area, such as the 26250 Flexe Grill below.

Prices start from around £20 for a small George Foreman grill, average around £60 for a family-sized model and hit £65+ for specialist and extra-large models.

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Which features should I look for?

Removable plates make it easy to keep your grill clean and they’re handy if you don’t like waiting for the grill to cool down before wiping. Some plates are dishwasher-safe, too. However, the trade-off is that they can take longer to heat up. If you like food fast, fixed plates with a non-stick coating could be a better option.

A floating hinge is a must if you grill food of different thicknesses, allowing the grill to adapt between minute steak and an overstuffed toasted sandwich easily. You can also use it to squeeze extra fat from meat and poultry as it cooks.

Smokeless technology is ideal if you’re grilling fatty meats that can smoke and spit. It works by draining away hot cooking juices through holes in the plate so they don’t burn onto the grill. This can also be combined with a venting system that keeps the appliance cool elsewhere, helping to reduce smells.

The best George Foreman grill to buy in 2023

1. Grill & Griddle Variable Temperature Grill 23450: The best George Foreman grill for families

Price: £65 | Buy now from Argos

With the Grill & Griddle, you’re effectively getting two appliances in one – a George Foreman grill on one side and a teppanyaki-style hotplate on the other. Even better, each can be controlled independently, thanks to a control knob on either side that has three heat levels. This means you can be sautéing mushrooms and eggs on the griddle while sizzling lower fat crispy bacon on the grill. The grill has a floating hinge and a removable drip tray that fits neatly into place, so there’s no chance of knocking it out of position.

There are a few downsides. The first is that the plates are fixed and, while they’re non-stick, we still spent about 10 minutes cleaning them up once they’d cooled as grease tends to gather around the ridges. The grill has been designed to be used in the closed position, so its indicator lights are on the lid. While this model can be stored vertically, it’s quite large, so it will take up a chunk of space in a cupboard and a fair amount of worktop area when in use. It also doesn’t tip forward like classic George Foreman grills so that fat can run away quickly, and we found it pooled around our meat. However, for those who are cooking a family meal, its generous cooking area is sure to come in handy.

Key specs – Size: 57.4 x 31.7 x 13.3cm (WDH); Plates: Fixed; Variable temperature: Yes; Dishwasher-safe parts: Drip tray only

2. Small Fit Grill 25800: The best budget George Foreman grill

Price: £24 | Buy now from Argos

This is a great starter grill for those who are new to the benefits of health grills, or usually cook for one or two. It’s fantastically compact, taking up barely any space on a worktop, and even less when stored vertically in a cupboard – around the same as a chunky recipe book. There’s a choice of two grilling positions: propped up so the fat can run off into the neat drip tray at the front, or flat for paninis and less fatty foods. There’s only one temperature but it should suffice for most foods, and we used it for sausages, mushrooms and toasting a flatbread without issue.

Where we came a little unstuck was with the cooking capacity. It can be limiting for a whole meal for one, requiring foods to be rotated so they’re all hot and ready at the same time. Its non-stick plates are fixed, so we had to wipe them down once cooled, although it was less time-consuming with a small grill. However, for the price, it’s excellent value.

Key specs – Size: 19.3 x 25.6 x 7.7cm (WDH); Plates: Fixed; Variable temperature: No; Dishwasher-safe parts: Drip tray only

3. Immersa Grill: The best George Foreman grill for easy cleaning

Price: £79 | Buy now from VeryIf you value convenience and simplicity above all else, then the George Foreman Immersa is the grill for you. Thanks to its removable control panel, which separates from the grill plates and drip tray to allow the entirety of the grill to be popped into the dishwasher or sink after cooking, the Immersa leaves you with virtually zero clean-up after use.

Along with being easy to clean, the grill also boasts a faster preheat time than previous models, coming up to temperature in a speedy four minutes. Another bonus is its compact and easy-to-store shape, which fits neatly onto even the smallest of countertops and allows it to slot vertically into crowded cupboards.

In testing, we found the Immersa to be not just convenient, but also highly effective, cooking steak, chicken breasts and mixed vegetables that retained their flavour and moisture while taking on a healthy sear on their exteriors. While the Immersa Individual is perfectly sized for couples and meals for one, those of you looking to cook for larger groups may want to consider the more sizable Immersa Family Grill.

Read our full George Foreman Immersa Grill review for more information

Key specs – Size: 27.8 x 30.8 x 10.7cm (WDH); Plates: Removable; Variable temperature: No; Dishwasher-safe parts: Grill plates and drip tray

4. Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill Black 22460: The best George Foreman grill for barbecues

Price: £70 | Buy now from Argos

Barbecuing outside isn’t always easy – no sooner is the gas grill hauled out or the charcoal ready than the sky threatens showers. Instead, turn to the Indoor Outdoor BBQ Grill. It’s electric, so it starts to heat up straight away, and should the weather turn, you can carry on inside: just detach it from the stand and pop it on a worktop. Unlike most George Foreman grills, it comes with a single round plate that can be removed for cleaning, five heat settings, and a round barbecue-style lid that can be put on top to keep the heat in. The lid features a temperature gauge.

We found assembling it fairly straightforward, and liked the fact that the stand could be disassembled into small pieces for winter storage. It’s quite low when on the stand, so if you’re tall you may find it easier to place on an outside table. However, it cooked chicken and burgers faster than other grills when on the top setting and was easier to clean than most barbecues as the non-stick plate could be washed in the sink. It has a fairly long cable of 2.3m, too, making it possible to power it from a socket inside. In an ideal world, the removable plate would be dishwasher-safe, but otherwise, it’s a great way to have barbecue dinners every day.

Key specs – Size: 73 x 73 x 99.5cm (WDH); Plates: Removable; Variable temperature: Yes; Dishwasher-safe parts: Drip tray only

5. Smokeless Grill 28000: The best George Foreman grill for everyday grilling

Price: £101 | Buy now from Argos

Compared to traditional George Foreman grills, this medium-sized number comes with more than a medium price tag. However, if you like to cook steaks, sausages and burgers, it’s definitely worth the upgrade. While these foods would normally spit, smoke and create a lingering greasy smell, when cooked on the Smokeless Grill, they barely create a puff. It’s all down to the holes in the bottom grill plate, which allow juices and fat to drain away immediately, rather than leaving them sitting on the surface, where they’d burn. They trickle into an integral drip tray, which simply slides out from the side after cooking for a thorough clean.

We used it to cook a fairly fatty piece of steak and halved peppers, neither of which caused smoke in the kitchen. Cleaning up afterwards was effortless thanks to less burnt-on grease on the plates and the fact that they can be removed with just a click, so could be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. For the price, you’d hope that this had a variable temperature control rather than just a single heat, but it ticks every box for convenient cooking.

Key specs – Size: 31.8 x 35.7 x 14.7cm (WDH); Plates: Removable; Variable temperature: No; Dishwasher-safe parts: Plates and drip tray

6. 25850 Smokeless BBQ Grill: The best George Foreman grill for catering for a crowd

Price: £90 | Buy now from Argos

There are lots of good reasons to want to cook barbecue-style in your kitchen, including lack of outdoor space, cold weather and rain. However, usually there’s another reason not to: smoke. Unless your extractor can handle it, the tell-tale greasy smell can hang around for days. Not so for food cooked on the Smokeless BBQ Grill. It uses the same system of holes in the plate as the Smokeless Grill 28000 we’ve also reviewed, with the difference of a flat design that gives plenty of room for all your barbecued goodies. Plus, it’s more affordable.

Beneath the grill there’s an entire tray that catches the drips of fat and juices, so you can carry on cooking for as long as you want. You can also vary the temperature from minimum to high. We found the low temperature useful for keeping food warm once it had finished cooking. What we really liked, though, is that even though the power cable plugs into a socket on the grill plate, the plate can still be cleaned in the dishwasher. Perhaps our only niggle is that because it has a large, flat surface, it doesn’t retain heat as well as some of the other grills we tested, so cooking chicken and burgers was slower on this model.

Key specs – Size: 56 x 33.4 x 7.5cm (WDH); Plates: Removable; Variable temperature: Yes; Dishwasher-safe parts: Grill plate and drip tray

7. Flexe Grill 26250: The best George Foreman grill that folds flat

Price: £60 | Buy now from Argos

Working as both a traditional George Foreman grill and as an open griddle, the Flexe Grill means you can enjoy its lower-fat grilling and paninis, but also have space for a full English breakfast. Unlike some grills that simply fold out flat, the Flexe has extendable feet at the front that tip it at an angle so it can still be fat-reducing, and an integral drip tray that collects juices from both plates at the centre, rather than the front. It opens out with a push of a button at the hinge and clicks back into the upright position when raised again.

What’s a little disappointing is that the heat setting and cleaning up afterwards aren’t as flexible as its grill positions: the plates are fixed and it only offers one temperature. The fatty burgers we cooked left a mess, and even though the plates are non-stick, it took several minutes of wiping to remove the burnt grease from the sides of the ridges. This is definitely a good one to choose if you’re not sure how much you’d use a George Foreman grill, as it offers more than one style of cooking and expandable capacity, but it’s not maintenance-free.

Key specs – Size: 31.5 x 32.5 x 14cm (WDH); Plates: Fixed; Variable temperature: No; Dishwasher-safe parts: Drip tray only

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