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The Instant Pot Duo is now at its lowest-ever price

Reduced by a hefty 36%, the Instant Pot Duo is now cheaper than ever at just £58

The Instant Pot Duo is a versatile 7-in-1 pressure cooker with a handy array of functions, and now you can pick up the 6L model for a steal thanks to a 36% discount at Amazon. Usually retailing for £90, the Instant Pot Duo is currently reduced to just £58. Not only does this make the 6L model cheaper than the 3L, but it also brings the price down to the lowest we’ve ever seen at Amazon.

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Whatever your culinary skill level or cuisine of choice, the multi-functions of the Instant Pot Duo has got you covered for a quick and convenient meal. The pressure cooker function is your go-to for tenderising joints of meat in a fraction of the time it would normally take. To put that in context, you may be looking at up to seven hours to cook a decent shoulder of lamb in the oven, whereas the Instant Pot Duo will have it ready to serve in about an hour.

Of course, you probably won’t be cooking shoulders of lamb for every meal, so you’ll be pleased to hear that there are presets modes for many other common dishes, including chilli, yoghurt, porridge and, naturally, a good hearty stew. If you find that the presets aren’t quite to your liking, there are also manual controls for adjusting the pressure levels and cooking time, allowing you to find your ideal settings.

With all these variations, it’s important to have as many features for safety as for cooking, and here the Instant Pot Duo certainly doesn’t disappoint. First of all, the pot simply won’t start cooking if the lid isn’t securely locked, and it will audibly notify you if that’s the case so you don’t walk off thinking dinner is underway. If the internal temperature gets too hot, or the pot doesn’t have sufficient liquid inside, the automatic power-off will kick in, allowing you to intervene before anything burns or dries out.

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At the regular retail price, this was already a fantastic multi-cooker, and now it’s better value for your money than ever. If you’d like to see the competition and compare, you can head over to our roundup of the best multi-cookers on the market right now. Otherwise, our ultimate collection of all the best Amazon deals is ready and waiting to lead you to more fantastic bargains on everything from kitchen appliances to smartphones.

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