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Best gas hobs 2023: For convenient, controlled countertop cooking

Make whipping up a meal for two, or for many, quick and easy with our pick of the best gas hobs

A gas hob is a cooker that’s installed in a kitchen worktop and connected to your home’s natural gas supply. Most models have anywhere from two to six gas burners – although four-burner hobs are the standard – supports for pots and pans, and control dials. Once in place, a gas hob can deliver all your countertop cooking needs.

Gas hobs aren’t to be confused with gas stoves or ranges, which are usually standalone appliances that feature an oven with a hob on top, as well as, potentially, a grill. When you buy a gas hob, you’re getting just that: a hob that needs to be fitted into your countertop.

One of the great things about gas hobs is that they can add cooking capability to your kitchen without taking up much space. For example, if you don’t have space under a counter to accommodate a freestanding cooker, but you do have some countertop available, a gas hob could be the space-efficient option you’re looking for. Gas hobs can often also be installed above a built-in oven and/or grill.

To help you pick the best gas hob for your needs, we run through all the questions you should ask before deciding on a model, including the number of burners you need and the type of control, plus the design and finish you should consider. Then read on to discover our pick of the best gas hobs available right now.

Best gas hob: At a glance

How to choose the best gas hob for you

It might appear that there isn’t much to differentiate one gas hob from another. However, this isn’t the case. Gas hobs can differ not only in their style and finish but also in the features and heating options they provide. Briefly, the key areas to consider are:

Burners – These are the individual gas outlets for cooking. Most gas hobs have four burners, which seems to be just right for cooking most family-sized meals, but you can also get streamlined gas hobs with just one or two burners – perfect for adding a little extra cooking capacity to the kitchen – or larger gas hobs with five, six, or even more burners.

Burner type – Many hobs have some variety among their burners, to suit different culinary requirements. Small, medium/large and wok burners all have different gas outlets to suit various sizes of pan and cooking temperatures – if you like to stir-fry, a wok burner will be a must.

Ease of cleaning – It isn’t always possible to cook on the hob without some oil or food waste spilling over. So, you’ll need to clean your hob regularly to keep it presentable and hygienic. When this oft-dreaded chore comes around, the design of the hob makes a big difference to how easy the task will be – removable pan supports which can be lifted off and cleaned separately make cleaning a hob much easier, as does a design without too many nooks and crannies for food crumbs to collect.

What about other hob types?

A gas hob isn’t your only option for countertop cooking. Other popular hob types include induction hobs, which heat pans using electromagnetism, and electric hobs, which use heating elements much like your average electric kettle or toaster.

Although all three hob types – gas, electric and induction – can cook food effectively, users will tend to have a strong personal preference for one type or another. Gas hobs, in particular, are widely regarded as accurate, fast, and easy to control – being able to see the flames while you cook makes it that much easier to gauge the temperature of the burner and even ensure that it’s active.

Are there any rules over gas hob placement?

When planning your kitchen layout, bear in mind that there will need to be clear space directly above your gas hob (or a cooker hood, installed at a safe height). You won’t be able to have your hob installed directly beneath kitchen cupboards or any other potential fire hazards or safety concerns.

Like any other appliance which connects to your main gas supply, gas hobs must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

This buyer’s guide was put together with reference to expert advice, insider knowledge and customer feedback. The gas hobs were chosen for inclusion based on their user ratings, features, performance, ease of use and ease of upkeep.

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The best gas hobs to buy in 2023

1. Hotpoint HGS 61S BK Hob (Black): Best gas hob overall

Price when reviewed: £269 | Check price at London Appliances

best gas hob - hotpoint hgs 61S bk hobThis practical, user-friendly and great-looking Hotpoint hob will be right at home in most kitchens. There are four burners to suit a variety of cooking needs – one small burner, two medium burners, and a wok burner on the right-hand side.

Combining cast-iron pan supports with a heat-resistant glass surface, this “gas on glass” hob is easy to clean and great at heat distribution. Both facets that make the HGS 61S BK a great choice for time-poor home chefs.

The diamond-shaped layout of the burners also looks stylish and characterful, although users should be careful standing small pans at the back of the hob, behind larger ones to the left and right.

Key details – Number of burners: 4; Colour: Black; Dimensions: 5.1 x 59.6 x 51cm (HWD); Surface material: Glass (“gas on glass”)

2. Bosch Series 2 PBP6B5B80 58cm Gas Hob (stainless steel): Best gas hob for ease of use

Price when reviewed: £199 | Check price at AO

best gas hob bosch series 2 PBP6B5B80

If you’re looking for a great-quality hob that doesn’t cost the earth, look no further than the Bosch Series 2 PBP6B5B80.

This simple, utilitarian hob is supremely easy to use and maintain. Its pair of enamel pan supports can be removed for cleaning in the sink, while the hob’s smooth, stainless steel surface provides very few places for food waste to accumulate. With four burners controlled by straightforward, easy-ignition buttons, cooking with this appliance could hardly be easier.

Bosch has been making hobs very much in the style of the PBP6B5B80 for decades, so while the aesthetics might not exactly set your soul ablaze, this hob definitely has what it takes in the long term.

Key details – Number of burners: 4; Colour: Silver; Dimensions: 4.3 x 58 x 51cm (HWD); Surface material: Stainless steel

3. IKEA LAGAN Gas Hob: Best streamlined gas hob

Price when reviewed: £115 | Check price at IKEA

best gas hob - IKEA LAGAN

Neat, slim and stylish, the LAGAN is an ideal two-burner gas hob for cooks in a kitchen that’s tight on space.

This hob delivers a decent level of versatility, despite its compact design and limited number of burners. At 5.4cm in diameter, the smaller burner is suitable for heating small-to-medium pans, while the larger 10cm burner can be used with wider cookware such as frying pans.

Cleaning the LAGAN is also straightforward, thanks to its smooth, stainless steel surface – just take care to avoid using abrasive cleaning tools such as wire-wool scourers and metal-bristled brushes, since these will scratch the stainless steel.

Key details – Number of burners: 2; Colour: Silver; Dimensions: 8.2 x 29 x 51cm (HWD); Surface material: Stainless steel

4. Smeg Cucina SR275XGH2 68cm Gas Hob (stainless steel): Best five-burner gas hob

Price when reviewed: £370 | Check price at AO

best gas hob - smeg cucina SR275XGH2

For the home chef who loves cooking up a feast for family and friends, the Smeg Cucina is the perfect pick as this hob features a diverse array of five burners – one small, two medium, one large, and a wok burner right at the hob’s centre.

Not only is this a powerful hob to cook with, but it’s also easy to maintain, thanks to its wipeable stainless steel surface and sturdy, two-piece cast-iron pan support.

Being 68cm wide, the Cucina does require a little more countertop space than your average gas hob. However, in the right kitchen, it can be a stylish centrepiece with tremendous cooking capabilities.

Key details – Number of burners: 5; Colour: Silver; Dimensions: 7.4 x 68.5 x 50cm (HWD); Surface material: Stainless steel

5. Zanussi ZGNN645K 60cm Gas Hob: Best gas hob for style

Price when reviewed: £239 | Check price at Currys

best gas hob zanussi ZGNN645K

Adding a dash of Italian chic to the kitchen counter, this Zanussi is one of our top-rated gas hobs for style and design.

The hob’s set of four burners – one small, two medium and one wok burner – are widely spaced, sitting well towards the edges of the hob. While this may cause a few concerns over spillage, in practice it’s a really useful design feature for users who often cook with multiple large pots and pans at the same time.

Cleaning is a cinch, thanks to the hob’s removable cast-iron pan supports, and its smooth, flat metal surface.

Key details – Number of burners: 4; Colour: Black; Dimensions: 6.1 x 59.5 x 51cm (HWD); Surface material: Steel

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