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My time with a 2-in-1

I’ve used a 2-in-1 exclusively for six weeks, but can it really replace a dedicated desktop, laptop and tablet?

I’ve been using the Samsung TabPro S for just over six weeks now, having switched from my old setup of a separate desktop, laptop and tablet. My goal was to find out if a 2-in-1 could replace all of my other devices and provide a new way of working. So did it actually fit the bill?

A 2-in-1 is a better way of working

I always used to be of the mind that you needed the right tool for the job, with a desktop, tablet and laptop all serving their purpose. Using the TabPro S changed that perception, showing me that one device can do the job of all three previous devices with less hassle.

The smart thing is that the 2-in-1 morphs and adapts itself to any situation automatically. This is incredibly important, meaning I can move from situation to situation, with the 2-in-1 keeping up with my movements.

Mode changes all work seamlessly thanks to the sensors built into the TabPro S, as well as Windows 10’s ability to adjust its interface on the fly to suit the mode you’re working in: tablet or desktop. And, it turns out, I don’t miss either my old desktop, tablet or laptop

Why I don’t miss my desktop

Sitting at a desk is a useful way, I find, to focus my mind and get some serious work done. To make the most of my desk time, a desktop PC was my weapon of choice because I could choose my keyboard, mouse and monitor for the maximum comfort.

Switching to a 2-in-1 doesn’t change any of that. With a USB Type-C dock, I can still choose my peripherals, sit at a desk and work as I used to. There’s absolutely no difference to me, except now I’m just using one computer more and I can get rid of the bulk of a desktop PC.A 2-in-1 is a proper desktop computer once you’ve hooked it up to a keyboard and monitor

Why I don’t miss my laptop

Ditching a laptop and moving to a TabPro S was more of a like-for-like swap than with a desktop. In practical terms, a 2-in-1 and a laptop do the same job and are built using the same kinds of components.

The big difference for me is that the TabPro S is much lighter and thinner than my current laptop, and its built-in 4G was an unexpected boon letting me get online anywhere.

An excellent keyboard and touchpad complete the package. If you want a portable computer, there’s absolutely no reason not to opt for a 2-in-1 and get rid of your old laptop entirely.The TabPro S can do the same job as a laptop, but I’ll bet it’s lighter and more convenient than most traditional portable computers

Why I don’t miss my tablet

I have used my tablet less and less over time. It’s a twofold problem. First, phone screens have become bigger, so I often don’t feel the need to move to a tablet for casual browsing. Second, tablets typically run simplified versions of apps, rather than full Windows 10 programs, so they’re not brilliant work tools.

Even though I may use them less often, I still love the way tablets work. Thanks to their simple touchscreen interfaces, they’re easy to use in all situations, whether lying down in bed or a crammed into an aeroplane seat.

With a 2-in-1, such as the TabPro S, I have the full tablet experience when I need it, but I don’t have to compromise on app quality. As a result, I use the TabPro S far more than I used my tablet.The TabPro S turns into a powerful tablet effortlessly


Windows 10 Pro has been built from the ground up to be more secure, helping protect you from malware and hackers. At its core, Windows 10 Pro now requires applications to be properly signed, effectively blocking a lot of malware from even being able to run. With a revamped Windows Defender, upgraded Firewall, anti-phishing and regular updates all for free, for the lifetime of your device, you can rest assured that your computer can defend against current and future threats.


Thanks to the combination of high-performance, low-power components and Windows 10 Pro, there’s simply no need to have lots of different devices. These devices often overlap on features, when you can have one brilliant device that adapts to your current needs. And a 2-in-1 can do all of that, in a package that’s smaller and lighter than your average work laptop.

Having this power and flexibility in such a small device has meant that I use the TabPro S far more than I did my desktop, laptop and tablet. Most importantly, I want to use the 2-in-1 more often: it’s the first device I grab when I head out; it’s the first device I turn to when I want to work; and it’s the first device I pick up when I’m relaxing in the evening.