Acer Aspire 5750G review

Tom Morgan
6 Jun 2011
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Dedicated graphics and a powerful processor make this one of the best mid-range laptops you can buy



15.6 in 1,366x768 display, 2.6kg, 2.3GHz Intel Core i5-2410M, 4.00GB RAM, 500GB disk, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Acer is known for producing laptops that perform well and don’t cost the earth. The latest Aspire model is a case in point; the 5750G costs a reasonable £600, but is powered by a new 2nd generation Core i5 processor.

It normally runs at 2.3GHz, but the dual-core i5-2410M can use Turbo Boost to hit an impressive 2.9GHz when more power is needed. This, combined with 4GB of RAM, should be more than quick enough for most everyday applications; Windows felt very responsive, even when we were multitasking heavily. An overall score of 54 in our multimedia benchmarks is also right on the mark for a new Core i5, which thankfully doesn’t come at the expense of battery life. Just over four and a half hours in our light-use test isn’t a bad result for a mid-range machine.

Acer Aspire 5750G

At this price, more surprising than stellar desktop performance is the inclusion of a discrete graphics card. An Nvidia GeForce GT 540M is more than capable of high definition video playback, either at 720P on the laptop itself or 1080p on an external display through the HDMI port. It’s also powerful enough to play games, sailing through our Call of Duty test at 38fps. This went even higher once we’d removed anti-aliasing, so you should be able to run modern titles with generous levels of detail.

Unsurprisingly for a mid-range laptop, the 5750G has a TN panel TFT display that doesn’t have particularly great viewing angles. Thankfully the screen has plenty of tilt to combat this, although the glossy finish picks up lots of light reflections. Overall image quality was good, with reasonable black levels and surprisingly accurate colours. Everything looked sharp at the native 1,366x768 resolution, which made watching movies on the laptop screen very enjoyable. The main downside was sound quality; the small speakers couldn’t produce well-rounded audio, losing detail at the low end and lacking volume.

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