Samsung RV720 review

Tom Morgan
25 Sep 2011
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A gorgeous design, decent performance and a great screen make Samsung’s RV720 a great budget desktop replacement


One thing that sets Samsung’s budget laptops apart from the competition is their style. Even when you're spending around £500, you can guarantee the laptop will look fantastic. The RV720 is no exception, with its gunmetal grey finish and stylish two-tone chassis. Take a closer look though, and it’s clear this isn’t a case of style over substance.

Samsung RV720

The 17in chassis is certainly imposing, but also helps make the RV720 incredibly user-friendly; there’s ample space around the keyboard tray, even with a full-size keyboard and separate numerical keypad. The keys themselves have quite short travel times but plenty of spring, providing lots of tactile feedback. We did notice some slight flex in the keyboard tray, but only when we applied significant pressure; during normal use, we had no trouble.

The touchpad below the keyboard is a good size, although we would have liked to have seen slightly more horizontal space to match the widescreen display. A smooth plastic finish creates minimal friction and the two physical buttons felt firm, creating an audible click with each press. The row of lights directly underneath the touchpad indicate power, disk and wireless activity, keeping the number of flashing LEDs to a stylish minimum.

Samsung RV720 keyboard

Aside from the internal DVD re-writer, connectivity was slightly disappointing: three USB ports, of which none support the faster USB3 standard, and a multi-format card reader are all you get.

Samsung RV720 left

The RV720 is well suited to multimedia playback, thanks to its huge 750GB hard disk for a large media collection and a bright 17.3in display. Once you’ve loaded your files, you’ll be able to enjoy them on the 1,60x900 glossy display, which looks very sharp. Colours looked very vibrant, and although contrast wasn’t the greatest, we could still enjoy films and catch-up TV. Viewing angles were about average, but there was enough screen tilt that we could always find the ideal angle for the best image. A pair of speakers above the keyboard tray produces decent enough audio, although still no match for a dedicated external set.

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