Lenovo G570 M51BHUK review

Kat Orphanides
16 Jul 2012
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You’ll get a decent amount of use from this general-purpose laptop


Lenovo's G570 range of laptops spans a variety of specifications. We've also reviewed the Core i5-based G570 M51BPUK. The entire range shares the same well-built chassis that has a dark brushed-metal wrist rest on the inside and a metallic brown-black lid. The combination looks particularly stylish. The broad wrist rest helps produce a comfortable typing experience.

Lenovo G570 M51BHUK

The keyboard has widely spaced and separated keys, but unlike the flat keys we see on many modern laptops, these are curved and have slight indentations towards the centre. This makes it particularly easy to type quickly and accurately. A numeric keypad with skinny keys sits at the right of the laptop, which means that the touchpad (positioned underneath the space bar) is slightly offset from the centre of the wrist rest.

Fortunately, there's still plenty of room to rest your hands and we didn’t find ourselves catching the pad by accident as we typed. The touchpad itself is rather small, but we had no trouble moving our mouse pointer accurately.

Lenovo G570 M51BHUK

The laptop's 15.6in 1,366x768 display is excellent. It's glossy, so it might be too reflective in certain lighting conditions, but there's plenty of room in which to work and if you need more room you can output video to larger and higher resolution displays with its VGA and HDMI ports. The screen has bright and attractive colours. There's a slightly yellow emphasis, but this isn’t enough to greatly affect pale tones.

Lenovo G570 M51BHUK

The laptop's integrated speakers are - as you'd expect - tinny at high frequencies, muddy in the mid-range and lack bass or separation, but they're okay for system sounds, spoken content and the odd shot of YouTube watching.

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