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Logitech Zone Wireless review: Compatible with everything except your wallet

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £199

A smart pair of headphones that will keep you focused in busy workplaces, but there’s no hiding from the price


  • Intuitive call handling
  • Impressive dual connection
  • Great sound quality


  • Very expensive

The curse of modern offices is the hubbub. Phones ringing, neighbours chatting, doors banging shut. Little wonder that many people plug themselves into a pair of headphones all day. Rather than seeing this as a hindrance, Logitech has decided it’s an opportunity. What if you could supply workers with high-quality, noise-cancelling headphones that stayed connected to their phone and their computer at the same time? So they would be umbilically connected to the office, while still able to shut out the world when they need to concentrate. 

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Logitech Zone Wireless review: Features

The key to the Logitech Zone Wireless, then, is that it connects to a laptop and phone simultaneously. You first pair and connect over Bluetooth to your phone, and then plug the bundled USB dongle into a spare USB-A port. Well aware that loyal Logitech customers will already have a wireless keyboard and/or mouse, the company is selling the Zone Wireless Plus with a unifying receiver – but that version of the headphones costs £250. 

Having two simultaneous connections doesn’t mean you have two streams of audio heading into your ears. The phone takes priority, so if you need to watch something on your PC, you’ll need to pause the phone first. If you want to switch back to Spotify on your phone, say, simply press play again within the app. I’d like to say this worked perfectly, but I hit a couple of problems when I had Spotify open on both my phone and PC, as the two programs battled for control. I ended up simply closing the app on my computer.

The Zone Wireless handles calls smoothly. It pauses music playback and you can then either press the middle button on the left earcup to accept – or simply flip down the microphone. Note you can mute the mic at any point by flipping it back up. At the end of the call, either wait for the other person to end it, at which point music resumes, or terminate the call by pressing the middle button again. It’s all intuitive. Likewise the physical up/down volume buttons, which also sit on the left earcup.

Head into the accompanying Logi Tune app and you can even control “side tone”. That is, how much you hear your voice when you’re speaking during calls, and while most people will stick to the default 50% level, you may prefer to blank it out or push it to the max. It’s great to have the option.

I also love how instantly the headphones switch on when you tap the on/off button – no need to keep your finger pressed on the button for a second – which is again mounted on the side of the left earcup. I even started to quite like the American lady who says “Power off” in a no-nonsense fashion, but says “Power on” with a quiver of surprise in her voice. “Hey, you again,” she seems to be saying, “great to have you back.”

All this would be for nothing if audio quality wasn’t up to scratch, but this is Logitech – and it knows how to make a set of headphones. They can’t match the detail level offered by the Sony WH1000XM3 (widely accepted to be the best quality wireless headphones around), but they edge close. If the balance isn’t quite to your liking, you can even head into Logi Tune and tweak five settings ranging from bass to treble. 

Naturally, the Zone Wireless includes automatic noise cancelling (ANC), too. This cancels out most of the background noise, so you should find it easier to focus on your work than simply slipping earphones in, but don’t expect a complete blackout. Once again, this is an area where the Sony pair works more effectively. The one thing you don’t get is the immersiveness of a pair of headphones that totally envelop your ears. There’s also more pressure on the pinnae, with the knock-on effect that my ears became hot over the course of two hours; if we’re purely talking comfort, the Sony headphones again win. Part of that is because I wear glasses and found the back of my ears pressed against the arms. 

A final word on battery life, which is fine at between 14 and 16 hours, depending on noise-canceling settings. Charging is either via micro-USB or wireless, with the earphones hinging so they sit compactly and stably on a pad. There’s also a carry case in the box so you take the Zone Wireless on your travels.

Logitech Zone Wireless review: Verdict

All these features go some way to justifying the high price, and let’s not forget that these are designed as an office tool. Compared to the cost of salaries, Logitech would no doubt argue, £199 is a drop in the ocean, so if you’re going to make employees – or yourself – more focused and efficient, there is a reason to make the investment. At this price, though, you’re edging close to the £279 of the superior Sony WH1000XM3, so make sure you’ll take full advantage of the dual connection before you buy.

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