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The best Glossier products to buy in 2024: Glowy skincare and makeup that’s really worth the money

Whether it’s expert skincare or a slick of minimal makeup, these are the best Glossier products to buy

Founded a decade ago, Glossier filled a gap in the market for natural, minimal makeup and expert skincare. The best Glossier products provide just that. Having started with just four skincare products – a face mist, skin salve, skin tint and moisturiser – the brand is now bursting at the seams with makeup, skincare, body care and even fragrances.

Glossier prides itself on listening to what Emily Weiss’ community of beauty lovers really want. It was through the beauty website Into The Gloss and its members sharing their thoughts on their favourite products, that Glossier was born.

So with that in mind, which Glossier products should you definitely be investing in? You’ll find the answers right here. Below, we’ve created a list of the best Glossier products that are guaranteed to give your skin a glow and your confidence a boost.

Best Glossier products: At a glance

Best Glossier skin makeupCloud Paint (~£20)Check price at Glossier
Best Glossier exfoliatorGlossier Solution (~£26)Check price at Glossier
Best Glossier lip productBalm Dotcom (~£14)Check price at Glossier

How to choose the best Glossier product for you

Where do I start?

First, think about the products you’re soon to run out of and the new items you’re open to trying. If you’re happy with your current moisturiser and aren’t fussed about changing it, then why mess with a good thing? But if your latest brow product isn’t wowing you and you’re in the market to experiment with a new one, then this is your opportunity – because Glossier has pretty much everything you need when it comes to beauty.

One thing to note is that the brand champions a minimal makeup look so that your natural skin can shine through. So, those looking for makeup should be aware that they won’t find bold colours or full coverage on the menu here. However, Glossier’s skincare range is brilliantly varied, and you’ll be able to build a full skincare regime without feeling like you’ve had to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.

If you’re happy to start off with a few products, then a gift set is the way to go. For example, The Makeup Set + Balm Dotcom includes the Lash Slick mascara, the Boy Brow definer, the Cloud Paint blush and Balm Dotcom (a nourishing lip balm). Buying a set will provide a taster of the products under the brand umbrella, an idea of price and, more importantly, an indication of how the products will fare through the day. If you’re not happy, then you don’t need to make any extra purchases.

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How much should I spend?

Prices of Glossier products start around the £8 mark for a mini-sized Milky Jelly Cleanser, going up to around £72 for The Super Pack, which comprises all three skin serums. For an intelligent, varied and accessible skincare and makeup brand, this is excellent value. Glossier is proof that you don’t need to spend three figures on your night cream, or have to save for months to replenish your mascara. The formulas are lush and, so long as your skin type agrees, the price points of products are spot on for achieving balanced, glowy skin.

So if you’re someone who’s okay with spending £50+ on your moisturiser, why not give Glossier a try? You’ll be able to pick up a set comprising a moisturiser, cleanser and lip balm for the same price.

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The best Glossier products you can buy in 2024

1. Glossier Lidstar: Best eye makeup product

Price when reviewed: £18 | Check price at Glossier

It may look like a tube of lip gloss, but it’s actually a glistening eye glow. This isn’t your average everyday powder eyeshadow; this is a game-changing liquid eyeshadow you can apply either as a subtle wash with your finger during the day, or really go to town for an evening look, slathering it onto your eyelids without blending for extra glisten and glow. Trust us, if you choose the latter, it’s addictive!

Available in eight shades, our favourite is Slip, a dusky pink that enhances eyelids, whatever the time of day. It doesn’t crease, it doesn’t smudge, it just flatters from morning to night.

Check price at Glossier

2. Glossier Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector: Best skin smoother

Price when reviewed: £26 | Check price at Glossier

The first thing that stands out on opening the lid of this chemical exfoliator is that instead of being a bog-standard bottle, this one has a pump that you press down on with a cotton pad, dispensing the right amount of product every time – no mess, no spillages. Genius.

As for the formula itself, it contains beta hydroxy acids (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which are incredible for smoothing and evening out the skin. Feeling a little tingly at first, the formula is super-gentle. Nevertheless, you should start slowly, perhaps using it twice or three times a week, working your way up to daily use. You’ll notice smoother, brighter skin in weeks, and your serum and moisturiser will work harder for you as a result, too.

Sensitive skins should use BHAs and AHAs with caution, but those with normal, combination, dry or oily skin will love how this works its magic.

Check price at Glossier

3. Glossier Balm Dotcom: Best Glossier product for lips

Price when reviewed: £14 | Check price at Glossier

As previously mentioned, Glossier started off with just four products, and the Balm Dotcom was part of the original lineup. It’s a skin salve that was created to be applied anywhere and everywhere it’s needed. The packaging says “use on lips, on cuticles, on elbows, on your friend… anywhere that needs some love” – so that’s exactly what we did. And on doing so we discovered its super-moisturising properties help to smooth and soothe, delivering lots of TLC to dry areas of the skin. Balm Dotcom is extremely versatile, and you can even apply it along the tops of your cheekbones if you feel like your makeup is looking a bit flat; it’s a real handbag staple.

Available in 10 flavours, the options even include Birthday Balm Dotcom, which tastes like birthday cake! If your preference is for something more neutral, then the Original is fragrance-free and untinted. Either way, consider your dry skin niggles solved.

Check price at Glossier

4. Glossier Cloud Paint Cheek Colour: Best Glossier skin makeup product

Price when reviewed: £20 | Check price at GlossierFor such a tiny tube of makeup, this blush packs a punch when it comes to pigmented colour. Suffice to say, a little goes a very long way, which will likely make you feel better about its £17 price. Dab a tiny bit of the formula onto your cheeks and use fingertips to blend it in. Its balm-like texture melts flawlessly into skin, leaving a beautifully sheer, natural finish. There are eight shades to choose from – we love ‘Spark’, which looks like a pillar-box red in the tube, but actually ends up a pretty pink colour on the skin. Easy to apply, Cloud Paint feels noticeably hydrating, leaving just enough glow to catch the light when you smile. An all-round fabulous little blush.

Check price at Glossier

5. Glossier Body Hero Exfoliating Bar: The best planet-friendly Glossier product

Price when reviewed: £15 | Check price at Glossier

Its scent might be an acquired taste, but the action of this seemingly normal bar of soap is really quite something. Because this isn’t just a normal bar of soap, it’s an exfoliating dream, especially if you’re passionate about products that are kind to the planet – this contains biodegradable bamboo powder instead of harmful micro beads.

There are some important pointers to consider, though. Don’t apply the soap with too much pressure – you’ll soon realise that despite its smooth looks, it really is quite scratchy if you press hard. With the right pressure, however, your skin is left buffed, softened and smoothed in a matter of minutes. Squeeze a little of Glossier’s oil shower wash into the groove on the opposite side and it will make for an even more satisfying experience. The only question is where to put it in between showers, so that it doesn’t slip and slide all over the place.

Check price at Glossier

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