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Best magnetic lashes 2023: Fake your flutter without the fuss

Wave goodbye to finicky false lashes with the best magnetic lashes for making your eyes look magnificent

While there’s much to be said for a good mascara, sometimes you just want to make your peepers pop in a way only false lashes can. Trouble is, they’re also notoriously difficult to apply, especially when you’re wrestling a teeny tiny bottle of tacky glue at the same time. This is where the best magnetic lashes come into their own.

Magnetic lashes are the less-complicated cousin of the traditional falsie. Not only are they much simpler to apply, but gentler, more hygienic, and often longer-lasting, too. Like any false lashes, they take some practice to get right, but once you’ve mastered them, we’re pretty sure you won’t look back.

To help you pick the perfect pair, we tried some of the biggest brands on the market. While donning our falsies, we assessed everything from how easy they were to get on and remove, to length, weight and how well they stood up to a good-old British breeze.

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Best magnetic lashes: At a glance

How to choose the best magnetic lashes for you

How do magnetic lashes work?

Unlike traditional false lashes, magnetic lashes don’t require glue for application. Instead, magnetic lashes can work either one of two ways:

The most common way is to line your lids with a magnetic liner that contains iron oxide – which has a similar look and feel to liquid eyeliner – and this adheres to the magnets hidden within the band of each lash strip.
The other works by sandwiching your natural lashes between two sets of falsies, each with a row of magnets that attract each other. The latter tend to be trickier to master, but they work well for anyone with particularly sensitive eyes.

How do you apply magnetic lashes?

If you’re using a full strip lash, measure it from corner to corner and trim if necessary. Apply your liner and then, looking downwards into a magnifying mirror, gently press the lash onto your lid. Using an eyelash holder or pair of tweezers will make it less fiddly.

Are magnetic lashes safe and hygienic?

Absolutely. In fact, many experts have dubbed them safer and much less irritating than traditional falsies, as eyelash glue can damage natural lashes and is also rather unpleasant if it gets into your eyes.

Magnetic lashes tend to be more hygienic as no sticky residue means they’re easier to clean and reuse. Simply wash your lashes after every use using a cotton swab and gentle makeup remover, such as micellar water, and allow them to dry naturally before packing them away.

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How much should I spend?

As you’ll see from our roundup below, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get an excellent pair of magnetic falsies – particularly if you only plan on whipping them out for special occasions.

Our cheapest options come in at a purse-friendly £6, but you could spend anywhere up to £30 depending on the materials used. Plus, most are reusable, which only adds to the value you’re getting for your money. Keep in mind, though, that with some brands, you’ll need to purchase the magnetic liner separately.

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The best magnetic lashes you can buy in 2023

1. Lola’s Lashes L.W.I Russian Magnetic Lash & Liner Set: Best overall magnetic lashes

Price when reviewed: £35 | Check price at Lola’s Lashes

This set comes with everything you need for lash application, so it’s great for beginners who have long been fans of Russian-style infills or extensions and want to recreate a similar look at home.

We tried a sample from the Classic collection (Queen Me), and despite being the most ‘subtle’ in the range, they still offer amazing density and drama – just as salon-style infills would.

As well as a pair of waterproof lashes, you’ll also get a liquid liner (with an ultra-fine tip for perfect precision), a pair of tweezer-style lash applicators, and a touch-up pen that removes smudges, which proved to be handy for our tester, who admitted they were not so well-versed in applying liquid liner. Things did get a little messy. That said, this liner was also one of the easiest to remove and came off well with a gentle cleansing oil.

These lashes are much kinder to your natural lashes (and your wallet) than regular salon treatments, and, with proper care, you can get up to 30 wears out of them.

Key specsAesthetic: Medium to dramatic; Material: Synthetic fibres

Check price at Lola’s Lashes

2. Ardell Magnetic Naked Lashes: Best for a natural look

Price when reviewed: £9 | Check price at Sephora

If you’re not a fan of the dramatic, inky-black look, Ardell’s ultra-light Naked Lashes blended in seamlessly with our tester’s natural strands, and they were huge fans of the wispy, fluttery style.

They couldn’t be easier to apply – just two coats of the brand’s magnetic liquid or gel liner (which needs to be purchased separately) allowed them to sit securely and last throughout the day.

The band is super thin compared to all the other brands we tried – it’s almost invisible on the eye, in fact, which only adds to the natural feel.

One caveat is that they’re tricky to pull out of the box – possibly because they’re so dainty – so take extra care, particularly if you’re hoping to reuse them.

Key specsAesthetic: Natural Material: Synthetic fibres

Check price at Sephora

3. Eylure ProMagnetic Natural Fibre Lashes: Best magnetic lashes for round eyes

Price when reviewed: £16 | Check price at Look Fantastic

For some, a full strip can look too heavy, and smaller and/or round eyes will benefit from either individual lashes or some fluttery half lashes in the outer corners to widen and elongate. These ultra-lightweight natural fibre lashes do just that, delivering that extra bit of oomph to the outer corners.

A bit of patience is required during application since you’ll need to apply three coats of liner (allowing each coat to dry in between) to get them to stay put – but, that done, stay put they certainly do.

The eyeliner brush is a tad thick compared to a traditional liquid eyeliner brush, so unless you’re a seasoned pro, it might take some time to master the perfect flick.

The lashes are easy to remove though, and the eyeliner rubbed off well with an oil-based cleanser. These ones are reusable up to 15 times.

Key specsAesthetic: Cat-eye accent; Material: Natural fibres

Check price at Look Fantastic

4. Beauty Coup Magnetic Faux Mink Lashes & Liner: Best value magnetic lashes

Price when reviewed: £6 | Check price at Primark

These may look quite dramatic in the box, but they’re light and very natural-looking once you’ve applied them.

As well as being the cheapest in our roundup, they were also one of the most straightforward to apply. This is another pair that requires three coats of liner, and the brush is on the thick side, but the product glides smoothly over the lids without feeling claggy or drying and the lashes lasted well.

It doesn’t state on the packaging how many times they can be reused but with proper care, you’ll certainly get a good few uses out of them. For less than the price of lunch, they’re a solid purchase.

Key specsAesthetic: Natural to medium; Material: Faux mink

Check price at Primark

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