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Best eyebrow products 2023: Everything you need to get your dream brows

Eyebrow fashion is ever-changing but you can achieve any look with the best eyebrow products

Have you ever thought that your eyebrows just never sit how you want them to? That might be because you don’t have the best eyebrow products in your arsenal. Eyebrows certainly can be difficult to master; from taming them with tweezers, tinting them, to styling them, many things go into making sure your eyebrows are in tip-top shape.

Since the overplucking trend of the late 90s, beauty gurus aplenty have warned against the dangers of doing your own eyebrows. That’s all good in theory, but in practice, going to the salon to get tweezed, waxed or threaded can get expensive long-term. To that end, we’ve curated a list of the best eyebrow products on the market, so you can achieve the perfect eyebrow look from home. If you’re not sure which products you need, take a look at our buying guide below.

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Best eyebrow products: At a glance

How to choose the best eyebrow products for you

When starting out on your DIY-brow journey, it can be difficult to know exactly what products you need to help you get the look you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s a quick guide to the products you might want to consider, how they work and the looks you’ll be able to create with them. We’ve divided the guide into two main sections: grooming and treatments, for taming and growing existing hair; and makeup, which is self-explanatory.


If you’re on the lookout for the best eyebrow products for a non-permanent look, makeup’s the best way to experiment with new looks without committing to one style. Eyebrow makeup products range from gels to pencils and pomades, all of which have a different sculpting effect. See the below for a quick guide on how to use them:

Eyebrow gel: Eyebrow gel is ideal for people whose brow hairs never sit in the right spot, because it brushes the hairs into shape and keeps them there. It’s most widely available in a liquid tube, with a spoolie brush for easy application. Those with blonde or sparse eyebrows may choose to use a coloured gel formula to give the brows more colour and make them appear thicker. Alternatively, clear eyebrow gel is perfect for anyone who just wants to keep their brows from falling out of place throughout the day

Eyebrow pencils and pens: Got sparse brows and want a little extra va-va-voom? Or, do you just need a little help getting your brows to match? Eyebrow pens and pencils can do just that: draw on hair-like strokes to achieve fuller-looking brows, or sharpen the edges and arches of your brows. Pencils come in both a precise twist-up form, as well as in a traditional pencil format. Eyebrow pens dispense product through a brush-like tip offering a little more precision if you’ve got a light hand. While there is a recommendation on this roundup, you can see our full roundup of the best eyebrow pencils for more recommendations.

Eyebrow pomade: Just like eyebrow pencils, pomades can be used to create definition or hair-like strokes in your eyebrows. Pomades became popular in 2014 when filled-in brows and bold eye makeup started filling our social media feeds. Since then, the product hasn’t lost its steam and continues to be a favourite for plenty of makeup users. Pomade has a creamy consistency, tends to come in a small pot and is applied to the brows using a precise angled application brush. As you aren’t restricted to a particular brush thickness, pomades are a little more versatile than pencils – using different brushes and either a heavier or lighter hand creates multiple looks just from one product. However, that also means pomades are a little harder to master than eyebrow pencils, and you will need to invest in some good makeup brushes to get the most out of them.

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Grooming and treatments

The savvy among us who don’t want to spend tonnes going to the salon every month to get their eyebrows done will feel most at home with these products. From DIY brow tints to dye the hairs, to tweezers for hair removal, these grooming options might seem intimidating to beginners. No one wants to end up with half an eyebrow missing or wildly dark brows you can’t lighten for love nor money, but with the following tips and a bit of practise, you’ll be comfortable doing your own brows in no time.

Eyebrow tints: If you’ve got no time to style your brows every morning but still want them to look put together, then eyebrow tints might be the thing for you. They’re essentially a semi-permanent hair dye for your brows, so those with barely-noticeable blonde or greying brows will be able to add some colour (and therefore visibility). Even people who have dark eyebrows may benefit from a brow tint, as it will even tint smaller, lighter hairs in the brow, making for a more defined shape where the tint was applied.

If you’re doing a brow tint, as with every kind of hair dye, remember to perform a patch test according to the instructions to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction to the product. We’ve picked out our absolute favourite brow tint for this roundup, but if you would like more recommendations and advice, check out our roundup of the best eyebrow tints.

Eyebrow tweezers: Let’s face it, we’ve all got runaway hairs that grow around our eyebrows. The best way to remove them is by plucking the individual hairs out with tweezers – this will stop the hairs from coming back for around four weeks as they’re removed from the root. If you’re going to use this method to tidy up your brows, make sure your face is clean and free from any makeup before you start plucking away, and keep the area clean and makeup-free for a day or so afterwards to avoid irritation. Our favourite pair of tweezers for eyebrows is recommended in this roundup, but do check out our roundup of the best tweezers for more detailed advice.

Eyebrow razors and trimmers: A quick and easy way to remove unwanted eyebrow hairs, like the thin, light ones that grow around the top of the brow, is by using razors and trimmers. These don’t offer a long-lasting solution like tweezers do, but it’s a much faster method of hair removal and you can safely apply makeup immediately after you’ve shaped your brows. That is, unless you’ve managed to nick yourself with the blades.

You should always be careful when using a razor or trimmer on your face for two main reasons: you don’t want to accidentally shave a chunk of your eyebrow off, and you definitely don’t want to cut your skin with the blades. The latter is less likely with an electric trimmer, so this could be a better option if you don’t have a steady hand.

Eyebrow growth serum: If you weren’t blessed with thick, full eyebrows, then the best way to help stimulate hair growth is to regularly use an eyebrow growth serum. The best eyebrow growth serums stimulate and nourish hair follicles using moisturising and strengthening ingredients to boost the health of the hair follicle. In the long run, that means the hairs that regrow are healthier and existing hairs take longer to fall out, leading to thicker, fuller brows. Growth serums cannot darken existing hair, or help to grow the hair in places where hair doesn’t already grow.

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The best eyebrow products to buy in 2023: Grooming & treatments

1. Eylure Brow-Pro Dybrow Eyebrow Tint: Best eyebrow tint

Price when reviewed: £8 | Check price at Amazon

When it comes to at-home eyebrow tints, the Eylure Dybrow is a standout favourite. It’s available in three shades – dark brown, light brown and black – and thankfully, the lightest shade is suitable for blondes or redheads. The application process is super simple: just mix the colour cream and activator cream together and apply the mixture to the brow using the spoolie provided. In 15 minutes, rinse the tint off for fuller, darker-looking brows that last for up to six weeks. Comprehensive and clear instructions are included in the box so there’s no way you can go wrong. Make sure you do a patch test before you start to ensure you won’t have any allergic reactions.

2. Benefit Brow Grooming Tweezer & Brush: Best eyebrow tweezers

Price when reviewed: £17 | Check price at LookFantastic

For eyebrow tweezing, you’ll want to purchase a set of tweezers that are good quality and can grip even the thinnest and smallest hair. For example, these flathead tweezers from Benefit are specially designed for eyebrow plucking. They have a diamond dust coating on the tip to help you grip strongly onto each hair, offering increased durability. On the other end, there’s a brush to help style your brows afterwards, which is stiff enough to properly brush the hairs but soft enough that they don’t irritate the face. Whilst it is useful, the position of the brush does mean you might need to adjust your grip a little, so if you’d prefer a more traditional pair of tweezers, you can see more suggestions on our roundup of the best tweezers.

Check price at LookFantastic

3. Wilkinson Sword Intuition Perfect Finish Eyebrow Razor: Best eyebrow razor

Price when reviewed: £3 | Check price at Amazon

Looking for a painless, fast and affordable way to tidy up your brows? Look no further than these facial precision razors from Wilkinson Sword. They can be used both as they are for shaving off peach fuzz, or with the special precision cap when you’re shaving around the brows. These are the sharpest, most precise blades we tested, so while they’re great for trimming your brow hairs, you’ll need to be careful using this near your eyes. When shaving, use an unscented cleanser or some water to give the blade some slip, hold the skin taut and carefully shave against the grain of the hair. Make sure to rinse the razor afterwards and dry it before storing it away in its protective cap.

4. Vogcrest Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer: Best eyebrow trimmer

Price when reviewed: £15 | Check price at Amazon

If you’re nervous about using a sharp blade on your face, or you’d like to try a more environmentally friendly option for eyebrow and facial hair removal, then this rechargeable eyebrow trimmer is a great solution. It has a built-in LED light and two interchangeable heads for precise brow shaping and peach-fuzz removal. It’s rechargeable so you won’t be wasting batteries or excess plastic using disposable razors. It’s also super gentle on the skin so there’s almost no chance of getting cuts or nicks — in fact, the bristles are so soft it almost feels like moving your fingertip across the face.

5. RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum: Best eyebrow growth serum

Price when reviewed: £29 | Check price at Amazon

Applied like mascara, this brow growth serum is the most effective one you can buy. Simply use the spoolie brush to apply it to your eyebrows twice a day to see the benefits; it also works like a clear eyebrow gel, so you can fix the hairs into shape for a polished look during treatment. It’s formulated using fortifying proteins, peptides and other nourishing ingredients to enhance, condition and improve the quality of your eyebrow hairs in just 60 days. Don’t just take our word for it; the product gets glowing reviews and it’s clear that this serum has helped thousands of people to regrow thicker, fuller eyebrows. Remember, growth serums cannot grow new hairs where hairs don’t or didn’t already grow before you removed them.

The best eyebrow products to buy in 2023: Makeup

6. Glossier Boy Brow: Best eyebrow gel

Price when reviewed: £18 | Check price at Glossier

Eyebrow gels are perhaps the easiest way to add colour, definition and shape to your brows because there’s no need to spend ages trying to draw on individual hairs. Glossier’s hit product boy brow is the best one you can get: its creamy wax formula thickens and shapes your brows in seconds and lasts flawlessly throughout the day without flaking or stiffening. The formula contains moisturising ingredients such as oleic acid, soluble collagen and lecithin to condition your brows, meaning that you can wear this product every day without damaging your eyebrow hairs. It’s available in five shades: black, brown, auburn, blonde and a colourless clear gel. For any blondes out there who are sick of using red- or grey-tinged ‘blonde’ brow products, this one’s a true blonde colour. Likewise, the brown hasn’t got a reddish tint.

Check price at Glossier

7. Huda Beauty Bomb Microshade Pencil: Best eyebrow pencil

Price when reviewed: £15 | Check price at Cult Beauty

For those who want precision and control when filling in their brows, this twist-up pencil from Huda Beauty is one of the thinnest pencils on the market. It has a 0.9mm tip which allows you to effortlessly draw on hair-like strokes to give your filled-in brows a natural appearance. Be warned though: as it’s so thin, the product can snap off easily, so you should only twist up the nib so that it’s barely showing. It has an impressive 24-hour wear time while being transfer-, sweat- and water-proof, and it comes equipped with a handy spoolie on one end to help brush out and diffuse the product through your brows. All in all, it’s a great pencil to have on hand for filling in sparse brows.

Check price at Cult Beauty

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow: Best eyebrow pomade

Price when reviewed: £19 | Check price at LookFantastic

Since its release in 2014, the Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade has been a cult favourite product for shaping, filling and texturising eyebrows. This waterproof formula is highly pigmented, buildable and incredibly easy to work with; it can be used to create pretty much any look, from super-defined HD brows to a more fluffy natural look. Simply take some of the product on an angled eyebrow brush, like the one recommended below, and apply it in upward motions where you need a bit more definition. Once it’s on, the smudge-proof formula will last all day without budging. Whilst £19 might seem expensive for one eyebrow pomade, this little pot is so pigmented that it will last you ages without drying out. There are also 11 shades available, so you’ll be able to get a close-to-perfect colour match, which is hard to come by in the brow product world.

Check price at LookFantastic

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush 7b: Best eyebrow brush for hair-like strokes

Price when reviewed: £18 | Check price at LookFantastic

This angled makeup brush is the best one you can use for brows. Whilst other more affordable brushes also do the job, this one’s the thinnest brush on the market, offering much more precise control when trying to recreate hair-like lines. The angled synthetic fibres on the end of the brush head are soft enough to glide the product onto the brows and sturdy enough to withstand hundreds of applications despite their thin width. Better still, on the other end of the brush there’s a spoolie to help evenly distribute and diffuse the product through your brows. It’s the only brush you need to nail your brow look every time.

Check price at LookFantastic

10. Glossier Brow Flick: Best eyebrow pen

Price when reviewed: £18 | Check price at Glossier

Eyebrow pens aren’t for everyone; oftentimes, they come out much darker than pencils and offer less control and blendability. However, this is not the case for Glossier’s brow flick. The fine brush tip of this brow pen dispenses product in thin hair-like strokes. As the tip isn’t felt, you need to use a light hand and it’s a good idea to have a go on the back of your hand before going to town on your brows. With practice, the ‘hairs’ can look darker at the base and lighter at the root, just like real hair. A common complaint with this product is that it doesn’t dispense any product; we found that the pen just needed a little shake to get going each time we used it. From then, the application was always smooth and natural looking. Brow flick is also smudge resistant, long-wearing and buildable, and it’s available in three natural shades: blonde, brown and black.

Check price at Glossier

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