• Mesh Home PC - CS: A worthwhile and versatile buy


    Powered by Windows 10 Pro, Mesh’s PC is great for working – and almost everything else

    4 Jul 2017
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  • Mesh Elite Voyager Mini CS review

    inc VAT

    Expensive for a compact PC, but there's no doubting its performance

    20 Jan 2016
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  • Mesh Elite Pro 10 CS review

    Mesh Elite Pro 10 CS teaser
    inc VAT

    The Mesh Elite Pro 10 CS has a huge and slightly garish case, but its display is top-notch

    28 Sep 2015
  • Mesh Elite Voyager CS review

    Mesh Elite Voyager with keyboard, mouse and monitor
    inc VAT, £499 without monitor

    The Mesh Voyager CS is a handy compact PC with a good monitor and built-in Wi-Fi, but it's crying out for a better processor

    4 Apr 2015
  • Mesh Matrix Inspire - CS

    Mesh Matrix Inspire - CS
    inc VAT

    A very capable budget PC, which has a quality 24in monitor and large hard disk

    5 Jul 2014
  • Mesh Matrix A10 7850K - CS review

    Mesh Matrix A10 7850K – CS
    inc VAT

    A great processor and good-quality monitor make this one of the best PCs you can get for £500

    10 Apr 2014
  • Mesh Elite G4-i5 Plus - CS review

    Mesh Elite G4-i5 Plus - CS
    inc VAT

    If you want a low-cost Haswell PC, this PC provides great performance for a low price

    14 Sep 2013
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  • Mesh i3570K Edge - CS review

    Mesh i3570K Edge - CS
    inc VAT

    A quality system in a great case that’s let down by the small size and poor contrast of its monitor

    7 Jun 2013
  • Mesh Elite K3470–CSR review

    Mesh Elite K3470–CSR
    inc VAT

    A weak graphics card and mediocre monitor only slightly detract from this great value PC

    19 May 2013
  • Mesh Elite 3450-W8CS review

    Mesh Elite 3450-W8CS
    inc VAT

    This inexpensive PC packs in a surprising amount of power for the price

    28 Oct 2012
  • Mesh Elite 3570K-W8CS review

    Mesh Elite 3570K-W8CS
    inc VAT

    Even though it doesn’t have an unlocked processor, this is still a powerful, well-built PC with an excellent monitor

    27 Oct 2012
  • Mesh Elite 3770K CS review

    Mesh Elite 3770K CS
    inc VAT

    Although this is a well-made PC with a fantastic processor and some great components, the graphics card could do with a bit more power

    26 Aug 2012
  • Mesh Elite i3570K CS review

    Mesh Elite i3570K CS
    inc VAT

    Overclocked and well equipped for games, but there's not a lot of storage

    5 Jul 2012
  • Mesh Pegasus A8 review

    Mesh Pegasus A8
    inc VAT

    It doesn't have the fastest CPU or GPU, but the Pegasus A8's SSD provides great Windows performance

    2 Apr 2012
  • Mesh Inspire XM2 review

    Mesh Inspire XM2
    inc VAT

    If you buy the Iiyama monitor as part of the bundle, this isn't a bad PC. However, on its own, it's a little underpowered and the low-wattage power supply limits upgrade potential.

    15 Feb 2011
  • Mesh Inspire CSR review

    Mesh Inspire CSR
    inc VAT

    It comes with a decent monitor and has reasonable upgrade potential, but you can get more for your money elsewhere.

    9 Dec 2010
  • Mesh XGS ProFire review

    Mesh XGS ProFire
    inc VAT

    A decent monitor, fast processor and graphics card are great to see, but it's a shame there's no USB3 at this price.

    22 Oct 2010
  • Mesh Elite CSR review

    Mesh Elite CSR
    inc VAT

    The overclocked Core i3 processor makes the Elite CSR blazingly fast, but it's let down by the poor monitor and it lacks a dedicated graphics card

    19 Oct 2010
  • Mesh Dynamo 16-RG review

    Mesh Dynamo 16-RG
    inc VAT

    The Mesh Dynamo is a powerful laptop, but there are better-value, better-designed alternatives available

    4 Aug 2010
  • Mesh Matrix 945CS review

    Mesh Matrix 945CS
    inc VAT

    A good all-round system, with a Full HD monitor and enough performance to handle multimedia editing, but CyberPower's Infinity i3 Apollo XT is far better value.

    27 Jul 2010