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The best cheap SIM only deals are STILL ON after Black Friday

You can still get 2GB of data for £2.50 per month with Lebara's Black Friday SIM only deals

If you’ve got a nagging feeling that you’re overpaying on your monthly phone bill, then Lebara’s Black Friday SIM only deals are worth a look.

Lebara is an MVNO – or ‘mobile virtual network operator’. That means it piggybacks off another provider’s network, in this case Vodafone. In short, it gets the same connectivity as a contract as Vodafone, but for a whole lot less money.

It’s usually cheap, but not *this* cheap. Lebara is giving new customers 50% off their bills for the first six months. That means you can get a frankly ludicrous 10GB data for £5 a month for six months, after which time it will revert to a not unreasonable £10.

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Alternatively, if that sounds like more data than you need, you can get 2GB of data for £2.50 a month for the first six months, and then £5 thereafter.

But the real beauty of this is that Lebara doesn’t pin you to a long-term contract. Instead, the company offers 30-day rolling plans that can be amended at any time – although it’s worth noting that if you cancel or change your plan during this half-price period, you’ll lose your discount.

Obviously, 10GB data isn’t enough for some people, but before you turn to Lebara’s larger data packages, it’s worth looking at another Black Friday deal offered by rivals Smarty. I covered this already, but the long and short of it is that you can get 50GB data for £12 per month, or unlimited data for £15. Great deals, both.

The drawback both Lebara and Smarty’s deals have in common, however, is that they’re 3G and 4G only: there’s no 5G support. That’s probably not a big problem even if you have a 5G capable phone – the UK’s 5G coverage is weak enough at the moment that you won’t miss much. And because both Smarty and Lebara’s contracts are month to month, you can always move elsewhere if your town suddenly becomes a 5G hotspot. If 5G is important to you now, take a look at Three’s Black Friday deals.

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