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Greet 2022 with these INCREDIBLE Vodafone SIM-only deals

There's STILL TIME to get a hefty discount on Vodafone SIM-only plans with

2021 may have just about exhausted its vast array of massive sale events but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still time to get some serious bargains. As we move into 2022, these Vodafone SIM-only deals from could well be the excuse you need to switch providers and save some cash. With a structured cashback scheme that pays out periodically over the length of the contract, is offering several packages that ultimately amount to as little as £6.50 per month.

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The great thing here is the range of contracts that are included in the deal, with the choice of either a 12- or 24-month duration, as well as several sizes of data packages. All options are 5G-ready and offer unlimited minutes/texts. The best contracts included in this deal are as follows:

  • 12 months, 100GB data, £9.50/mth (with £78 cashback)
  • 12 months, 160GB data, £12/mth (with £96 cashback)
  • 12 months, unlimited data, £14.50/mth (with £116 cashback)
  • 24 months, 50GB data, £6.50/mth (with £132 cashback)
  • 24 months, 160GB data, £11.50/mth (with £204 cashback)
  • 24 months, unlimited data, £17/mth (with £216 cashback)

It’s worth noting that these figures represent the overall cost per month of the contract, and may not reflect what you pay initially. This is due to the structure of the cashback redemption, which requires you to send your phone bill in at months 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 to receive the cashback instalments. Admittedly, the process could be simpler, but with the amount you end up saving overall, this is definitely worth a little extra effort.

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As well as the cashback, of course, the most important thing here is what kind of service you’ll be getting with a Vodafone contract. The answer is mostly good news. We found the speeds on both 4G and 5G to be solid, and the coverage was consistent and reliable.

The only drawback was that customer service and support had fairly low scores compared to other networks. With the reliability of the coverage, this is unlikely to ever be an issue for most users, but it’s still worth considering before signing on the dotted line.

For more of our thoughts on the network, you can read our full Vodafone review. If you’d like to see what other contract bargains can be had, we regularly update our list of the best SIM-only deals, so you’re sure to find something that suits you.

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