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These SIM-only deals offer DAZZLING data for less

There's 100GB of 5G Vodafone data to be had for as little as £7.50/mth via

This is a doozy of a deal from Vodafone: via third-party site, you can nab yourself a massive 100GB of 5G data, plus unlimited minutes and texts, for just £8.50/mth.

And that’s just for new customers – existing Vodafone customers can recieve all that speedy data for even less at £7.50/mth, which is unheard of in the current market.

There’s nothing to pay upfront, or any hidden fees, either. The only caveat is that you’ll be bringing the price down to those bargain-basement levels through a cashback redemption of £70 (for new customers) and £90 (for existing customers) respectively. Prior to claiming your cashback, the contract is £15/mth so you’ll need to make sure you get your claim in.

Still, we think it’s worth that extra step when you consider that Vodafone’s own cheapest deal is currently much less appealing at £11/mth for only 1GB of data. In that light, this offering from becomes the only option for those after a data rich SIM at incredible, penny-pinching price.

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The deals aren’t finished there though. Should you be interested in doubling your data – paging all serial streamers and TV bingers – is also selling a 200GB Vodafone 5G SIM for only £9.75/mth. Again, that price is after cashback redemption of £99 and costs £18/mth before you redeem. But considering the above 100GB package costs an already excellent £102 for the duration of the 12-month contract, paying just £15 more for the extra data – a total cost of £117 – is an absolute steal. Anyone can get in on this deal too since it is applicable to both new and returning Vodafone customers.

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Vodafone is a solid choice for your next mobile network whatever option you prefer, producing higher average speeds than O2 and Three (a UK median download speed of 25.2Mbits/sec) and proven speedy 5G performance whether you’re in Glasgow (192.2Mbits/sec median speed) or London (maximum 491.1Mbits/sec). You’ll find 5G racing in at over 140Mbits/sec in Manchester, Cardiff and Birmingham too, and that the range of Vodafone coverage is expanding quickly across the UK.

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Vodafone isn’t an elite option for customer service however, with only 78% of Vodafone users saying they would recommend the network to a friend in our Expert Reviews Mobile Network Awards survey – only Three and Virgin Mobile did worse. Yet, you hopefully won’t face too many problems given the stonkingly good 5G data allowance available on any of these plans. And for prices as little as £7.50/mth, on 12-month contracts, they are truly too special to miss no matter the network.

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