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This Three deal could save you tonnes on a 24 month SIM contract

Looking for a new SIM-only plan? Three is offering you a steal right now

Three is offering a great deal on all its 24-month SIM-only contracts right now. If you’re happy with your current phone but are looking for a cheaper network provider, this deal could save you a small fortune for the first six months.

Three is currently offering six months at half price for all of its 24-month SIM-only plans. We’ll highlight some specific tariffs down below, but most of them include a slew of benefits, like Three’s Go Roam policy that means you can use your SIM in over 70 destinations for a low daily charge.

We firmly believe that Three is one of the strongest network providers when it comes to value for money. Despite not always being the best when it comes to service and support, they make up for it with consistent deal offerings and 5G speeds that are only on the up and up. In particular, its low-cost SIM-only deals are some of the highest value for money on the market, which certainly correlates with this deal.

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1. Unlimited texts, calls and 5g Data: Best plan for data usage

Price: £12/mth for 6 months, then £24/mth

In this plan, you can get unlimited texts, minutes and unlimited 5G data. The 5G offering comes at no extra cost, you can tether it to your own personal hotspot and get the benefits of Three’s Go Roam plans. If you’re someone who tears through their data allowance each month, it doesn’t get much cheaper, or much better than this 24 month plan. Just check your phone is 5G compatible if you want to make use of the 5G data.

2. 1GB of data plan: The absolute cheapest deal

Price: £4/mth for 6 months, then £8/mth

If you only need a small data allowance and a low maintenance plan, this deal could be for you. For the first 6 months, you’d only pay £4, before paying £8 afterward. You’d only get 1GB of data, and the website doesn’t seem to confirm that it’s 5G data, but if that’s all you need, this is an extremely cheap way to go about it. You’d also get the standard unlimited texts and calls and Go Roam benefits.

3. 100GB of data, unlimited calls and texts: Best all round SIM only plan

Price: £8/mth for 6 months, then £16/mth

We’d say this is the best all round deal in terms of value for money and data allowance. For only £8/mth for the first 6 months, you can get 100GB of 5G ready data (if your phone is compatible), unlimited texts and calls and Three’s GoRoam allowance. After 6 months at half price, you’d move to £16/mth for the same plan, and we think that is excellent value for this much data.

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