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Vodafone deals: Get TRUCKLOADS of data for less with these SIM-only discounts

You can now snag yourself 100GB of 5G Vodafone for just £8/mth with this deal

In a cracking Vodafone deal from, you can currently get yourself a massive 100GB of 5G data, not to mention unlimited calls and texts, for just £8/mth. Current Vodafone customers can check out the upgrade deals page and get the same deal for even less, a paltry £7.50/mth.

These corking deals require no payment upfront, and involve no hidden fees or charges, instead working off a simple cashback system. The initial price of the contract is set at £15/mth, which comes down to the average monthly prices mentioned above once you claim your cashback redemptions of £84 (new customers) and £90 (upgrade customers), respectively.

The savvy savings available via these deals are thrown into sharp relief when compared with the offers you can get from Vodafone directly, where a simple 1GB plan costs £11/mth. So, when you look at it like that, it’s one hundred times the data allowance, for £3/mth less. In our humble opinions, you simply won’t find a better SIM-only deal than this.

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However, should you find 100GB of superfast 5G data to be insufficient, never fear, as there are many more deals available. A robust 200GB can be had for just £9.75/mth via the same system as the deals mentioned above, with the £18/mth contract being offset by a £99 cashback redemption. With the redemptions factored in, this 200GB deal will set you back just £117 over a year, compared to the £96 you’ll pay over 12 months for the 100GB deal. So, double the data for just £20 more? Not bad we say, not bad.

If you’re a heavy downloader, a streaming fanatic or just someone who hates limitations, you may find yourself wanting the safety of a fully unlimited plan. offer an unlimited data deal for £12.75/mth over 24 months. This deal’s contract price is set at £23/mth and offset by a cashback redemption of £246, with all that adding up to a total cost of £306 – which, when you consider its cover all your data, texts and phone calls for two years, is a pretty a sweet deal.

Whichever of the above deals you choose, you can be safe in the knowledge that with Vodafone, you’ll be able to put your mountains of data to good use. The network boasts faster download speeds than O2 and Three (an impressive UK median speed of 25.2Mbits/sec) and lightning 5G speeds measured in Glasgow (192.2Mbits/sec median download speed) and London (maximum download speeds of 491.1Mbits/sec), with further 5G coverage expanding rapidly across the UK.

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