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iD Mobile SIM-only deal: 60GB data for a BARGAIN price

It’s rare to pay single digits for a generous data package like this, so make sure you get this iD mobile SIM-only deal before it’s gone

Most people feel the pinch in January, which means now’s a great time to cut back on your spending. One easy way you can do that is by switching to a better SIM-only deal, like this one from iD mobile.

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You might think that cheaper contracts mean you have to sign up for long contracts or tiny data packages, but this deal dodges both of those bullets. That’s because is offering a whopping 60GB data, with unlimited calls and texts, for just £6/mth over a 12-month contract when you purchase an iD Mobile SIM from their site.

To put this into perspective, 60GB is more than enough data for the average person to use without ever needing to worry about running out of data every month. This data package would normally set you back £10/mth, which means this deal gets you a whopping 40% discount, as well as no setup fee. In terms of cash, you’ll save £48 over the full duration of the contract.

To claim this saving, you’ll need to use the cashback redemption process, which is explained in this handy video. The process is straightforward, though – just send them your mobile phone bill at months 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 to receive the cashback.

If you’re worried about switching to a new network, you needn’t be. In our latest iD Mobile review, we gave the network four stars, praising it for its great value deals, good 5G speeds and free EU roaming. Remember that, since Brexit, free EU roaming is a rarity in UK phone contracts. As a network, the only caveats were that its reliability and service scores weren’t as high as other networks; for this price though, these flaws are easier to look past.

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