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VOXI is DOUBLING data on these cheap as chips plans

VOXI’s double data deal will have social media heads rejoicing

VOXI is offering DOUBLE the data for no extra cost on some of its SIM-only plans right now. The mobile network has increased its 15GB plan to a whopping 30GB – all for the same £10/mth price tag.

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Users will get the famous VOXI perk of UNLIMITED social media use (without eating into your data allowance), plus unlimited calls, texts and picture messages. The plan is 5G-ready, so you can avail yourself of VOXI’s 5G network on your 5G smartphone. To round it all off, there’s total flexibility: this is a contract-free deal, meaning you can cancel at any time. Commitment-phobes, rejoice.

If, despite the unlimited social media usage, you’re still in the market for a higher data package, VOXI has also doubled its 30GB plan to a gargantuan 60GB of data – all for the same price of £15/mth. If you don’t factor in the hours spent scrolling Twitter and Instagram, curating on Pinterest, or connecting on Messenger and WhatsApp, 60GB is a hefty data package to while away. As before, this is a 5G-ready, commitment-free plan (cancel at any time), with unlimited calls, texts and picture messages to boot.

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However, the 60GB plan comes with an extra game-changing perk: UNLIMITED video. That’s a real clincher: in the UK only you will be able to stream endless video apps, including Netflix, Prime Video, TikTok, YouTube (and its TikTok-esque baby: YouTube Shorts). If you’re someone who does a lot of travelling or commuting, this content-friendly package could be just the ticket for you.

Don’t be swayed by a ludicrously good deal alone: we’ve done our due diligence on VOXI, which we awarded a strong four stars in our full-length VOXI review. We lauded it for its cracking USP (unlimited social and streaming features), its plentiful data packages to suit all budgets and its award-winning reliability.

Modest drawbacks include room for improvement when it comes to speed and customer service, plus a lack of single-digit deals (in the sub-£10 zone). Nonetheless, with DOUBLE the data being offered at the same budget-friendly prices, these commitment-free, social-friendly bargains are well worth weighing up.

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