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Lebara SIM only deals 2023: Get EXCELLENT value offers this December

Not only are these Lebara SIM only deals great value in the UK, but you'll also get free EU roaming and bags of international minutes

Lebara SIM only deals deserve to be better known. The mobile network, which picked up four stars out of five and an Expert Reviews Recommended award in our most recent review, is reliable and affordable, while also offering plenty of attention-grabbing tariffs if you’re heading on holiday or abroad to see family.

To help you find the Lebara SIM only deal that closest fits your needs, we’ve rounded up the best below. It isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather the offers that the SIM sommeliers at Expert Reviews are happy to recommend after totting up the overall costs and sizing them up against the opposition.

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DEAL OF THE WEEK: Get BAGS of international minutes for less

This is our pick of the best Lebara deals at the moment: if you’re quick, you can pick up 30GB of 5G-compatible data for just £13.50/mth on a 12-month plan. Best of all, you’ll also get 500 international minutes to countries such as the US, India, China and Australia, as well as the usual unlimited texts and minutes in the UK. That’s outstanding value for money.

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Why should you pick a Lebara SIM only deal?

Lebara, known for its affordable no-frills plans, stands out for its international call offerings and free roaming in the EU and India. It offers a variety of 30-day plans, starting from £5/month for 5GB of data, going up to £25/month for unlimited data. All plans include international minutes, making it an excellent choice for those who make frequent international calls.

While Lebara excels in value and international features, it falls short in customer service, with just over half of its users satisfied. Running on Vodafone’s network, Lebara provides decent coverage and speed, but it trails behind in performance for streaming services. Its 5G performance is average, with 64% customer satisfaction in our annual survey.

Roaming with Lebara includes free use of plan data in the EU and India, subject to a fair usage cap. However, roaming costs outside the EU are moderate, with additional charges for calls, texts, and data. Lebara also implements a built-in spending cap to prevent users from exceeding their plan’s allowances without opting for an add-on.

Overall, Lebara offers substantial data for a modest monthly price, making it a strong contender for value, especially for international callers. However, if you’re seeking more comprehensive features or better value, networks like Voxi and Smarty may offer more competitive options. As a budget-friendly network with international benefits, Lebara has significant advantages​​​​​​.

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So how do we source the best Lebara SIM only deals for you? We take time to inspect any and every deal here at Expert Reviews to guarantee you’re getting the most for your money. For further details, we’ve written up our full deal-finding strategy in a dedicated article which you can read by clicking on this link.

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