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Lyca Mobile deals: New customers get BARGAIN prices as low as £1

With free EU roaming and generous data packages, these Lyca Mobile deals for new customers are cheap as chips

If you’re looking to save on your SIM, now’s a brilliant time to try out a new network because these Lyca Mobile deals offer new customers unfathomably low, contract-free prices. Until the end of April, new customers can pick up a whopping 20GB data for £5/mth with the National Plus plan, or 6GB of data for just £1 with the Saver Plan. Big data guzzlers might want to opt for the 100GB UK Plan Mega Plus plan, which is now available for just £10/mth.

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Such low prices are unheard of on monthly SIM contracts – one of the best SIM-only deals we’ve seen before now is a 60GB for £10/mth deal with Smarty. With this deal, you can pick up 40GB more data for the same bargain price. Or, if you’re wanting to choose the best budget option, Lyca Mobile’s cheapest £1/mth deal gets you 6GB, compared to Smarty’s cheapest contract which costs £5 and only gets 4GB data.

If low prices weren’t enticing enough, every Lyca Mobile SIM comes with free EU roaming. Its usage is capped at up to 1GB for the £1 plan, 5GB for the £5 plan and a generous 9.5GB when you get the £10 option. With other providers such as Voxi, EU roaming can set you back around £1 to £2 every day, so having this included is a huge bonus for regular travellers. To top it off, every Lyca Mobile data package is 5G-ready at no extra cost.

The biggest caveat to the £1/mth Saver deal is that you don’t get any international minutes included in the price, and the UK minutes are capped at 1,000. This might not be a problem if you only make domestic calls, and use Wi-Fi or a landline to do so, but Lyca Mobile is our favourite provider for international calls, so you might want to pick a plan that makes the most of the network’s best asset.

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Those who have family abroad, or regularly need to make international phone calls, can still benefit from these Lyca Mobile deals if they opt for the 20GB (£5) or 100GB (£10) plans. With these more expensive, but still ridiculously cheap plans, Lyca Mobile gets you 100 international minutes, as well as unlimited UK minutes and texts.

You’ll also have to spend more if you want to get these savings for a longer period of time. That’s because the £1/mth 6GB deal is only valid for three months; from the fourth month onwards, the contract will renew at an increased price of £5/mth. That’s still a good deal on data if you live in the UK, considering that £5 would only get you 3GB of data on the normal UK Plan Smart package.

The 20GB for £5/mth and 100GB for £10/mth plans are both valid for six months, which means you’ll get double the time to enjoy these massive savings before the SIM renews at a higher price on the seventh month. Worry not, though – if you’re on the hunt for new deals once this one finishes, we have a roundup of the best pay-as-you-go SIMs available.

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