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Smarty SIM only deals 2023: Bag a BRILLIANT bargain this December

These Smarty SIM only deals deliver bags of reliable data from one of the best mobile networks in the UK

It’s fair to say that we like Smarty SIM-only deals here at Expert Reviews. Not only is it one of our favourite mobile networks in the UK, scooping four stars out of five in our in-depth review, but the company regularly serves up eye-boggling price reductions. If you’re in the market for a new SIM, Smarty should be your first port of call.

To help you find the Smarty SIM only deal that closest fits your needs, we’ve rounded up the best into categories below. It isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather a trio of offers that the SIM aficionados at Expert Reviews are happy to recommend.


This is our favourite Smarty SIM-only deal at the moment: unlimited 5G data for just £15/mth on a rolling, one-month plan. That’s down from the normal £20/mth and, considering we gave the mobile network four stars out of five and an Expert Reviews Recommended award in our original review, represents exceptional value for money.

1. The best Smarty SIM only deal for most users is STUNNING value

This Smarty SIM only plan is brilliant value for money at 100GB for 12/mth, but right now you can pick up a deal that makes it an insanely great buy: get 125GB of 5G data for just £12/mth on a rolling monthly contract. You can also take some of that data with you across Europe, with 12GB included for when you’re travelling across the continent.

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2. The best Smarty SIM only deal with unlimited data

That 125GB of data deal will be enough for most people, but if you need unlimited data Smarty has the best SIM only deal for you, too. Normally £20/mth, you can now get a month of unlimited data for just £15/mth on a rolling monthly contract. Again, you get to use 12GB data when travelling in Europe without facing any extra charges.

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3. The best Smarty SIM only deal on a budget

If you know you definitely won’t need as much data as the deals above are serving up, Smarty has you covered with its 5GB for £6/mth plan, which should be enough if you only really browse or listen to the occasional song on your smartphone. You’ll be able to use your whole allowance when abroad too, should you be able to withhold your data splurging before an upcoming holiday.

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Why should you pick a Smarty SIM only deal?

Smarty is a strong contender in the no-frills mobile network category. Despite not quite replicating last year’s success in our Mobile Network Awards (it finished in second place behind Voxi), Smarty remains highly regarded for its competitive prices, reliable performance, and customer satisfaction. It offers excellent data deals, impressive 5G performance, and free EU roaming. However, a notable drawback is the drop in customer service scores compared to the previous year.

Smarty operates on a simple business model, selling SIM-only plans on 30-day rolling contracts. These plans are economically priced, starting from £6 for a 5GB plan to £20 for unlimited data. An interesting aspect is the Data Discount plans, which offer money back for unused data. For those needing more data temporarily, Smarty provides Unlimited Data Passes, available in durations from one day to 30 days.

Customer satisfaction is a strong suit, with over 95% of users satisfied with the network’s value for money. However, its customer service scores, though still better than many big networks, have seen a decrease from 2022 to 2023.

Smarty’s coverage, reliability, and speed are bolstered by its host network, Three, which has seen significant improvements, especially in 5G services. Around 74% of users were satisfied with the speed for web browsing, and 77% of 5G customers are happy with 5G performance in our annual Mobile Network Awards survey.

Regarding roaming, Smarty includes free EU roaming on its plans, with certain limitations and options for add-ons for extensive use. For non-EU regions, additional charges apply.

A downside is the lack of extra features such as spending caps and eSIMS, although Wi-Fi calling is available.

In summary, Smarty is a valuable option for those seeking straightforward, cost-effective plans with a lot of data. Its strong points in value for money, coverage and speed make it an attractive choice despite some shortcomings in customer service and additional features.

How do we track down the finest Smarty SIM only deals for you? At Expert Reviews, we put a lot of thought into the offers we recommend and always want to get the most for your money. We’ve outlined our full deal-hunting strategy in a dedicated article, which you can read by following this link.

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