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Bag a BUDGET-FRIENDLY SIM deal from Smarty this Black Friday

Smarty SIM deal - lead

This bargain from Smarty is one of the best cheap SIM deals over Black Friday

For a limited time during the extended Black Friday period, an exceptional deal on mobile data is available: you can now secure 5GB of 5G data for just £5/mth on a rolling, one-month contract. This offer from Smarty is reduced from the usual £6/mth, but it’s important to note that this deal will only last until 4 December.

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Smarty, a network known for its value and reliability, is operated by Hutchison 3G, the same company behind Three. Last year, Smarty won the title of Best Mobile Network in the 2022 Expert Reviews Mobile Network Awards, a testament to its exceptional service. In the survey, an impressive 92% of Smarty users said they would recommend the network to a friend, highlighting its widespread appeal.

This year, while not topping the charts, Smarty still stands out as one of the strongest no-frills mobile networks, thanks to its competitive pricing, good performance, and high scores for reliability and customer service. It’s no surprise that nearly 93% of users in our survey would recommend Smarty, with over 58% being very likely to do so. This enthusiastic user base helped Smarty secure the award for Best 5G Services and Highly Commended in the Value category, along with Highly Commended overall in the 2023 Expert Reviews Mobile Network Awards.

One of the standout aspects of Smarty is its customer service. While scores are generally down across the industry this year, Smarty’s ratings remain relatively strong, with 42% of users surveyed saying they were very satisfied with the network’s customer service.

Coverage and reliability are other strong suits for Smarty, thanks to its use of Three as its host network. Three has made significant improvements in the last year, particularly in its 5G services, which now reach over 60% of the UK population. This expansion, coupled with high speeds in urban areas, has helped Three become the second-fastest UK network.

Smarty’s 5G customers are particularly satisfied, with 77% happy with the speed of the firm’s 5G performance. This contributed to Smarty winning the Best 5G category in this year’s Mobile Network Awards.

Roaming is another area where Smarty excels, offering free EU roaming on its plans, subject to a 12GB limit. For travel outside the EU, add-ons are available to cover calls, texts, and data at varying rates depending on the destination.

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Overall, Smarty remains a fantastic no-frills option, delivering great value for money with straightforward plans packed with data. The network’s customer satisfaction and recognition in the Expert Reviews Mobile Network Awards are clear indicators of its quality and appeal. For those seeking a reliable and affordable mobile network, Smarty is certainly worth considering, especially with its current Black Friday deal.