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Here’s how to get a Three SIM deal for FREE this Black Friday

Get cashback on this 120GB Three Black Friday deal to claim your new SIM effectively free of charge

This Black Friday, Three’s offering an irresistible SIM deal: for £10 per month, you get 120GB of monthly data, and the cherry on top? You’ll get £120 back when you buy through Topcashback, effectively making the SIM free. However, it’s crucial to also consider the network’s overall performance and customer service when deciding on this deal.

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Three has been making strides in its 5G coverage and performance, showing impressive improvements. Its 5G network is rapidly expanding, and it’s delivering some of the fastest speeds around. This improvement is notable given Three’s past struggles to keep up with the competition. The network now covers 99% of the UK, and with 5G speeds that in some areas surpass other providers, it’s a strong contender for those seeking fast mobile services​​.

Despite these advances, there are areas where Three lags. Customer service remains a significant concern, with only 55% of its customers expressing satisfaction. This figure is notably lower than other networks, especially no-frills providers like Giffgaff, Voxi, and Smarty, which have much higher satisfaction rates. Three’s customer service scores have worsened over the past year, indicating a need for significant improvement in this area​​.

Moreover, while Three’s SIM-only deals tend to be cheaper than other major networks, they often struggle to compete with the value offered by no-frills virtual networks. Despite its competitive pricing, Three’s cheapest unlimited deal is more expensive than those offered by some of its rivals. However, the network does offer extras like free Paramount+ streaming subscriptions and the Three+ Rewards program, which may add value for some customers​​.

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Overall, while Three’s Black Friday SIM deal offers a tantalising amount of data for a very reasonable price, especially with the Topcashback offer, potential customers should weigh this against the network’s customer service ratings and compare it with other available deals. It’s a good option for those within its 5G coverage areas and who prioritise speed and data allowance over customer service and other extras​​.