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This is the BEST Three SIM deal this Black Friday

Fancy 250GB of SIM-only data for just £15/mth? This Three plan is a Black Friday bargain

This Black Friday, Three is offering an exceptional deal: 250GB of 5G SIM-only data for just £15/mth on a two-year plan. Rated four out of five stars and acknowledged for its impressive performance and growing network coverage in our original review, this offer from Three is particularly alluring for those who consume substantial amounts of data regularly.

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Three’s network stands out for its accelerated 5G rollout and improved 4G and 5G speeds. With an average download speed of 150Mbits/sec in 5G areas, this deal caters well to users with multiple devices or those engaging in data-intensive activities like streaming, gaming, or extensive online browsing. The large data allowance, coupled with the reliable speed and coverage, makes this offer ideal for anyone looking to maximise their mobile internet use without worrying about data limits​​​​.

Coverage and reliability are key strengths of Three’s network. It has significantly improved its performance, with a median UK download speed of 29.9Mbits/sec, and offers extensive 4G coverage that reaches about 99.8% of the UK population. The network’s 5G services are already available to around 56% of the population, with plans for further expansion. This growing coverage ensures consistent and high-speed internet access in most areas, enhancing the user experience​​.

Additional features offered by Three, such as Wi-Fi calling and spending caps, add value to its plans. Wi-Fi calling is particularly useful in areas with poor signal, ensuring more reliable communication. Spending caps prevent unexpected additional charges, giving users more control over their monthly spending​​.

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Despite some concerns regarding customer service, Three‘s significant improvements in network speeds, coverage, and the introduction of competitive pricing make this Black Friday deal especially appealing. The £15/mth offer for a substantial 250GB of 5G data reflects Three’s commitment to providing excellent value, making it a strong choice for mobile users looking for a large data allowance on a robust and expanding network​​.